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Biden:  Why in this nation should Black Americans wake up knowing that they can lose their life in the course of living their life?

Harris:  Part of the point of freedom is to be free from brutality, from injustice, from racism and all of its manifestations.

Biden:  We have to let people know that we not only understand their struggle, but they understand the fact that they deserve to be treated with dignity.

They've got to know we're listening.

Harris:  Reforming policing in this country means creating a national standard on use of force and conditioning federal funds for police departments on adoption of that standard.

It's about reining in qualified immunity.  We hold police officers accountable.

Biden:  [We] can't turn away.  Now is the time for racial justice.

I believe with every fiber in my being, we have such an opportunity now to change people's lives for the better.

It's about who we are, what we believe, and maybe most importantly who we want to be.

Biden (voiceover):  I'm Joe Biden and I approve this message.

Notes: The Sept. 3, 2020 press release...

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Address Police Violence Against Black Americans in New Battleground State Ad 

Today, Biden for President released a new ad in several key battleground states to reassure voters that their frustrations regarding police violence and racial injustices are not being taken lightly by Vice President Biden and Sen. Harris.
The 60-second ad, “We’re Listening,” begins airing today digitally in Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and will begin airing this weekend on national cable channels and top battleground markets. The new creative features a series of recent remarks given by the Vice President and Sen. Harris that focus on creating a more just society for Black Americans. Joe and Kamala’s remarks speak directly to the harsh realities Black communities are facing, while both acknowledging that Black Americans should be free to live without fear of law enforcement and unwarranted oversight.
“We can’t turn away. Now is the time for racial justice,” Biden said during the ad. “I believe with every fiber in my being we have such an opportunity now to change people’s lives for the better.”
“Part of the point of freedom,”  Sen. Harris said, “is to be free from brutality. Free from injustice. Free from racism and all of its manifestations.”

 This is the latest ad that was created to send a message to Black voters that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have a plan to build America back better. “We’re Listening” is part of the campaign’s general election ongoing paid media program, with $45 million being invested in broadcast, radio, and digital this week alone.