Biden for President

"Truth" +

:60 TV ad from July 21, 2020 run in battleground states.


Biden (voiceover):  Today we're facing a serious threat.

(on camera):  We have to meet it as one country.

(voiceover):  Numbers don't lie.  Infection rates are now going up in more states than they are going down.

W'e've got to fight this together.  Wear a mask.  Keep your distance.  Limit the size of crowds.  It may be inconvenient.  It may be uncomfortable.  (on camera)  But it's the right thing to do as an American.

(voiceover):  We need a president who will level with the American people; a president who'll tell us the unvarnished truth; a president who'll take responsibility instead of always blaming others; a president who will listen to the experts, follow the science, allow them to speak; a president who will lead, be an example for the nation.

 We have to do all we can (on camera) to keep our fellow Americans safe and healthy. 

Biden (voiceover):  I'm Joe Biden and I approve this message.

Notes:  The ad opens and closes with images of Biden wearing a mask.  The July 21 press release summarizes, "'Truth' uses Biden’s voice to encourage Americans to fulfill their patriotic duty to protect others from COVID19 with face masks, hand washing, and social distance."

Full press release:

Biden for President Ramps Up General Election Paid Media Efforts

Campaign Kickstarts Accelerated Spending with Initial $15 Million, Week-Long Investment
New English- and Spanish- Language Ads Highlight Biden’s Trusted and Tested Experience

Today, Biden for President announced it will ramp up its general election paid media efforts across TV, radio, digital, and print between now and November, spending more than $15 million on paid media in the next week alone. The new buy represents a major increase in paid media spending with additional significant investments in the coming weeks, exceeding the $15 million spent in the past five weeks as part of the campaign’s inaugural advertising flight.
Ads will continue running in battleground states that Donald Trump won in 2016, including Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, and the campaign is expanding its media market footprint in states. The campaign is also broadening its national cable buys on news and sports channels, including a presence on MLB's opening games later this week.
With this new buy, Biden for President is also unveiling new ads that emphasize Joe Biden’s trusted and tested experience during times of crisis. These ads make the positive case for Joe Biden’s leadership and vision for his presidency, and are in sharp contrast to the message of fear and division Donald Trump’s campaign is sending through their similar paid media.
“Truth” uses Biden’s voice to encourage Americans to fulfill their patriotic duty to protect others from COVID19 with face masks, hand washing, and social distance, and “Tested” touts Biden’s record overseeing the Recovery Act and helping coordinate the response to control Ebola while also outlining his vision to rebuild the middle class, provide quality education, and expand affordable health care.
The campaign’s investment in reaching Latino voters through sustained investments continues with a new Spanish-language ad, “Soñar es lograr,” running in Arizona and Florida that shows how Joe Biden’s track record has proved that he can help Americans, including immigrant families, achieve the American dream and get big things done. The Spanish-language ads use narrators native to specific markets.