Biden for President

"Real Plans" +

:60 TV ad from Aug 13, 2020 run on national cable.


Biden (audio and video clips from speech):  To fix the economy, we have to get control over the virus.

I'm releasing a plan to save lives in the months ahead.

We need to increase support for testing, doubling the number of drive through testing sites.

We absolutely need a clear message from the very top of our federal government that everyone needs to wear a mask in public.

Every single frontline worker should have the personal protective equipment that they need to be safe.

We need to support schools and childcare programs so parents, if and when they can return to work, are confident that their children will be safe and cared for.

And finally, we need to protect the populations most at risk, our seniors, vulnerable populations with pre-existing conditions.

We need real plans, real guidelines, with uniform nationwide standards.

It's a simple proposition folks.  We're all in this together.

We've got to fight this together.

We'll emerge from this stronger together because we did it together.

Biden (voiceover):  I'm Joe Biden and I approve this message.

Notes:  The ad is built around clips from a speech Biden made on coronavirus earlier in the day.  At the Hotel Dupont in Wilmington, DE, Biden and Harris participated in a coronavirus briefing with health experts, followed by remarks.  In calling for a mask mandate, Biden drew a sharp contrast with Trump.  Harris, announced as the running mate the day before,  does not appear in the ad, although her name does feature the new Biden-Harris logo.  The Aug. 14 press release:

New Ads Showcase Leadership of a Biden-Harris Administration

New Ads Outline Biden’s Plans to Beat COVID-19, Highlight National Mask Mandate

Today, Biden for President announced a quartet of new ads that demonstrate the national leadership a Biden-Harris Administration would exemplify and the clear steps they would take as President and Vice President to get the virus under control and fix the economy. The new ads are being released after Biden and Harris called for a national mask mandate over the next three months to help save lives, and after they were briefed by public health experts.
"Ready to Lead" will air on television and digital in key battlegrounds states — including Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — and lay out Trump's failure to act to stop COVID-19 in a sharp contrast with Biden's leadership on the issue. It highlights Biden’s calls to listen to medical experts, expand testing, ramp up PPE production, and promote nationwide mask mandates.
Additionally, “Dignity” will run in these battleground states and target television programs watched by older Americans. The ad emphasizes how the pandemic has badly hurt older Americans — leading to unimaginable death rates and painful isolation from their loved ones, and lays out the steps Biden and Harris would take to protect seniors.
In Arizona and Florida, a Spanish-language ad, “Hombre de Bien,” demonstrates how Biden is not only a proven leader, but a good man. It highlights his commitment to his family, faith, and community and illustrates how a man of strong values reveals his character and core beliefs through actions, not photo ops.
Last night, directly following Biden and Harris’ briefing and remarks on COVID-19, the campaign launched a national cable television ad called “Real Plans” that outlines the detailed plans Biden has laid out to beat the virus.
The ads are part of the Biden for President’s ongoing paid media program across television, radio, and digital, with $20 million being spent this week and $24 million next week. The campaign’s previously announced $290 general election paid media reservations across 15 battleground states will begin in September.