Biden for President

"Knock On The Door" +

:30 TV ad from Sept. 18, 2020 run in battleground states.

Biden (voiceover)
:  I'm Joe Biden and I approve this message.


John Douglass:  I was a casualty notification officer when I was a young captain in the Air Force.

When you're walking up to knock on that door, you're already grieving for the family.

These military families suffer.

And those spouses are not suckers, and those children are not losers.

It's obvious that this president has no real empathy.  It just shows he doesn't get it.

Notes: The Sept. 18, 2020 press release..

New Ad Features Veteran Testimonial to Reach Military Families in Battleground States
Today, Biden for President is unveiling a new ad to reach veterans and military families in key battleground states. The ad will air on television and be featured on digital platforms in Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Wisconsin, targeting media markets and areas with a high number of military households and veterans.
“Knock On The Door” features Brigadier General John Douglass, U.S. Air Force (Ret.), a former casualty notification officer. Douglass is a veteran who grew up in Florida and now splits time between Virginia and Florida.
In the ad, he talks about his experiences knocking on the doors of military families letting them know their beloved ones won’t be returning home. “These military families suffer, and those spouses are not suckers. And those children are not losers. It’s obvious that this president has no real empathy just shows he doesn’t get it,” General Douglass says.
Earlier this month, following Donald Trump’s reported comments in The Atlantic disparaging American troops and veterans , Biden for President launched a digital ad campaign geared towards military families on digital platforms near military bases like Fort McCoy in Wisconsin or Fort Bragg in North Carolina.
The campaign’s ongoing paid media program includes $65 million in spend this week across broadcast and digital. The campaign’s ads remain active in a total of ten states, including Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Nebraska, and Minnesota.
Earlier this week, the campaign released six new ads also airing in key states:
“Little Brother” and “Anthony” feature testimonials from families who support Biden for his commitment to health care and protecting Americans with pre-existing conditions;
“Unforgivable” and“Do Your Job” feature direct messages from Biden criticizing the Trump Administration’s failures;
“Engine” highlights Joe Biden’s American manufacturing plan as part of his Build Back Better Agenda; and
“Totally Negligent” features a Trump-Biden voter in Pennsylvania who blames Trump’s negligence for failing to control the virus and help the economy.