Biden for President

"Heal America" +

:60 TV ad from Aug. 24, 2020 run on national cable.


Male Announcer:  For the first time in American history we're living through four crises at the same time.

A public health crisis.

    Female news voice: The U.S. set a single day record for coronavirus infections.

An economic crisis.

    Female news voice: Devastating unemployment not seen since the Great Depression.

A climate crisis.

    Female news voice: The impact of climate change is dangerous and it is already being felt in the United States.

And a national reckoning on racial injustice.

    Clip:  No justice.  No peace

We need a team that's up to the task:

Leaders who can rally the nation to fight this virus;

To not only rebuild our economy but build it back better;

To address the threat of climate change;

And to root out systemic racism.

Together they'll lead America, unite America, and heal America.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Because a united America will be a better America.

Biden (voiceover):  I'm Joe Biden and I approve this message.

Notes:  This ad reprises the four crises theme Biden used in his acceptance speech.  It is the campaign's first TV ad to highlight running mate Kamala Harris.  The Aug. 24, 2020 press release:

New Ad Shows How a Biden-Harris Administration Can Heal America as Divisive Republican Convention Commences

Today, as the Republican Convention gets underway, Biden for President released a new minute-long ad showing the stark contrast between Joe Biden’s positive, hopeful, and inspiring vision for the country and Donald Trump’s divisive, harmful, and chaotic presidency has let down working families during the national crises. At its core, the ad is about bringing America back together — a notion that will be lacking from the Republican Convention — and a sharp distinction to the current occupant of the White House.
“Heal America” first shows how the nation is grappling with four major and ongoing crises — the public health crisis, economic crisis, climate crisis, and a national wrecking on racial injustice — and how we need a team of leaders who can step in on day one and tackle these crises. The ad highlights how the leadership of Joe Biden and Kamala can solve these issues and can unite America, heal America, and create a better America.

The ad will air throughout the week of the Republican Convention on national cable channels. It is part of the Biden for President’s ongoing national paid media program across television, radio, and digital, with $26 million in spend this week.