Biden for President

"Didn't Matter" +

:60 TV ad from July 27, 2020.

Biden (voiceover)
:  I'm Joe Biden and I approve this message.


Jessica, Greenfield, WI:  She was the most welcoming person you could ever imagine.  Her home was the safe place.  It was difficult to comprehend how quickly everything kind of spiraled downwards.  We didn't even know that she had COVID 'til a week later and her passing.

The president made a huge mistake in downplaying this virus.  There was a lack of leadership, a lack of responsibility and a lack of resources. 

It felt like our elderly have not been a priority for this administration, that they don't matter.  And I feel like my grandmother didn't matter.

        TEXT: Susana Martinez  Lost to Coronavirus April 29, 2020

Last time I saw my grandmother, we weren't going to be allowed in the hospital.  We asked if we could video chat her and everyone could say a little something.  We gathered as a family and prayed.  But the fact that she was alone, it just breaks my heart.

Notes:  This poignant ad puts a human face on the nearly 150,000 Americans who have died due to COVID-19.  Per a campaign press release, the ad aims to reach "older Americans and their families who have been hit hard by the pandemic."  The HIll reported this and "Dignity" were the campaign's first general election ad in Nevada, stating "The one-minute-long ad will run in the Las Vegas and Reno markets on daytime television to reach older voters. A Spanish-language version will also run in Arizona and Florida."