Biden for President

"Better America" +

:60 TV ad from Aug 6, 2020 targeting Black voters.

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Female Announcer:  The story of Black America is the story of America.

[Gospel Music]

It's the story of a people who have pushed this country to live up to its stated ideals.

But Black people have always believed in the promise of a better America.

So, at this moment we're in now, we must choose to fight for that better America.

And just like our ancestors who stood up to the violent racists of a generation ago, we will stand up to this president and say: No More.

Because America is better than him, so we choose to be bigger, we choose to be bolder, we choose to bring back justice, respect and dignity to this country.

We choose Joe Biden to lead us all towards that America promise together.

Notes:  The Aug. 6, 2020 press release:

ICYMI: Biden for President  Releases First Ad Targeting Black Voters as Part of Historic Investments in African American Paid Media

Yesterday, Biden for President  announced $280 million in general election paid media reservations across television, digital and radio outlets targeting 15 key battleground states, and with a national cable component. Today, the campaign released "Better America," its first general election ad targeting Black voters that is now circulating on digital channels and will begin airing nationally on television this weekend.

The reservations will include historic investments to reach key constituencies, including African Americans, Latinos, and Asian American Pacific Islanders. This includes a massive, eight-figure multimedia investment in African American paid media. A significant portion of the investment is planned for advertising and sponsorships with Black-owned media outlets, including Urban One Network, the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) Newswire, The Shade Room, and numerous digital media platforms. This planned investment builds on an earlier six-figure buy that was one of the earliest-ever investments in African American media for a presidential race.

The Biden campaign released the following statement today about the investments: "The emphasis on engaging with Black voters and communities of color has been a key pillar of our campaign since day one. Our robust paid media strategy, which will include the largest general election investment in African American paid media by a presidential campaign, will allow us to disseminate Vice President Biden's policy proposals and targeted initiatives that speak directly to Black communities across the United States."

Congressman Cedric Richmond of Louisiana, who serves as campaign co-chair of Biden for President, told the NNPA Newswire, “This is just who [Biden] is as a candidate and person. He got into politics because of civil rights, and he understands the value that African Americans bring to the country, to the campaign and the electorate.”

On the heels of announcing the campaign's paid media plans, Thursday, Biden released the first national advertisement heading into the general election that specifically targets Black voters. In an exclusive story on Biden's "Better America" ad, the Associated Press highlighted that, "this ad also signals the former vice president’s continued effort to connect with African Americans during a time of immense turmoil across the nation."

NNPA: Joe Biden 2020 for President Campaign Commits Major Ad Dollars to Black-Owned Media

By Stacey Brown, 8/5/20

Presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden is ramping up his campaign with a record-setting $280 million advertising buy.

During a telephone call on Wednesday, August 5, with the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA), Biden campaign officials said they will spend $280 million for television ads, print and digital advertising, as well as for social media in the run-up to the General Election on November 3, 2020.

The Biden Campaign will also spend on ad buys with African American-owned media, including the NNPA, TV One and others. Campaign officials said they will continue to add other media outlets targeting African Americans as the campaign moves forward.

Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr., NNPA President and CEO, responded, “Black Lives Matter. Black Voters Matter. Today’s announced commitment by the Joe Biden for President Campaign is timely and welcomed news for the Black Press of America. Black-owned media is the most effective approach to mobilizing the largest Black voter turnout in history for the November national elections. The NNPA continues to be the trusted voice of Black America.”

AP: Joe Biden launches new national ad aimed at Black Americans

By Katrease Stafford, 8/6/20

Joe Biden’s Democratic presidential campaign has launched a new national ad focused on Black Americans, urging them to stand up to President Donald Trump the way their ancestors stood up to “violent racists of a generation ago.”

The one-minute ad, which was shared exclusively with The Associated Press before its digital and television release on Thursday, is meant to drum up support among Black Americans, a key constituency for Biden, ahead of November’s general election. The ad, titled “Better America,” also takes a direct swipe at Trump, without mentioning the Republican president by name.

“We must choose to fight for that better America,” the narrator states. “And just like our ancestors who stood up to the violent racists of a generation ago, we will stand up to this president and say, ‘No more,’ because America is better than him. So we choose to be bigger. We choose to be bolder. We choose to bring back justice, respect and dignity to this country. We choose Joe Biden to lead us all towards that American promise together.”

African Americans have largely supported Biden’s presidential bid and have been credited with single-handedly transforming the Democratic presidential race and cementing his status as front-runner after his decisive primary win in South Carolina.

But Black Americans, who form one of the party’s most loyal voting blocs, have been hit doubly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic — they have died from the virus at disproportionate rates across the country, and they’ve borne the brunt of its economic fallout. And in recent months, historic protests against police brutality and systemic racism have changed the national discourse around race, thrusting it into a national spotlight and at the heart of the presidential campaign.

The ad is part of the Biden campaign’s planned $280 million digital and television ad buy that was announced Wednesday and will run through the fall.