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"Backbone" +

:30 TV ad from Aug. 20, 2020 run in battleground states.


Male Announcer:  Scranton is a long way from Wall Street.  You won't find skyscrapers or big city bankers, just hard-working people.

That's where Joe Biden's story starts.  It's why he's running for president—for the backbone of this nation.  Working families.

Donald Trump.  He's in it for himself and his wealthy friends.

In this crisis, we need to help workers and small businesses.  And we need a president who will build back better.

Biden (voiceover):  I'm Joe Biden and I approve this message.

Notes:  This ad is a 30-second version of a one-minute ad originally run in Ohio from July 30, 2020.  According to the Aug. 20 press release, "the campaign will broaden the reach of a previous ad, 'Backbone,' to air beyond Ohio and highlight Biden’s working class upbringing, while demonstrating his commitment to working families, a stark contrast to Trump’s Administration that has prioritized wealthy donors and the well-connected."

"Backbone" +

:60 TV ad from July 30, 2020 run in OH.


Male Announcer:  Scranton is a long way from Wall Street.  You won't find skyscrapers or big city bankers, just hard-working people that make this country work.

That's where Joe Biden's story starts, in working class neighborhoods where you can make a good living and pass on a better life to your kids.

That's why Joe Biden went into public service to begin with, to make a difference for working families.

Donald Trump, he ran for president for himself and for his friends on Wall Street.  For Donald Trump it's about those at the top.

For Joe Biden, it's about the backbone of this nation, working families.

This crisis has revealed that we must do more for workers and small businesses, not the wealthy, and Joe Biden is the one to do it—to build back better.

Biden (voiceover):  I'm Joe Biden and I approve this message.

Notes:  The July 30, 2020 press release:

Biden for President Expands Paid Media Offensive into Ohio

New Ohio Ad Part of Battleground Expansion as Trump Campaign Retreats from Michigan

Campaign Releases New “Made in America” Ad Across Battleground States on Heels of Biden’s “Build Back Better” Agenda

Today, Biden for President announced it is expanding the campaign’s offensive paid media efforts into Ohio, marking the ninth battleground state it will be up on the air with ads — and showcasing Joe Biden’s multiple paths to 270 electoral votes as the Trump campaign pulls back ads in key states like Michigan that he won in 2016. The Ohio ad buy will be seven figures across digital and broadcast platforms and run through the Democratic convention.
On the heels of Biden’s full “Build Back Better” economic recovery rollout, the campaign will begin airing new ads that underscore Biden’s working class values, commitment to fighting for workers and their families, and record helping lead the rescue of the American auto manufacturing industry.
In Ohio, “Backbone” will air in the Youngstown and Toledo markets to highlight Biden’s working class upbringing and demonstrate his commitment to working families — a stark contrast to Donald Trump’s Administration, which prioritizes wealthy donors and the well-connected.
Watch the new Ohio ad "Backbone" HERE.

Additionally, Biden for President is going up with a new ad that encapsulates Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda. “Made in America” touches on the key pillars of Biden’s economic recovery plan, including bolstering our manufacturing while promoting clean energy investments and good paying jobs. This ad is part of the previously announced $14.5 million buy for the week in battleground states, and the campaign will continue making significant investments in its paid media program between now and November.

Watch the battleground state ad "Made in America" HERE.

Biden for President is also continuing to make the positive case for Joe Biden’s leadership and vision with both “Truth” and “Tested” remaining up on the air and online, encouraging Americans to come together to fight the virus and touting Biden’s experience to lead during crises. The campaign is still reaching older Americans and their families who have been hit hard by the pandemic with ads like “Didn’t Matter” and “Dignity.”

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