MAY 12, 2017

Good morning and welcome to General Session!

It is really great to be here in California and I hope you’re enjoying the week, and the sessions have been helpful.

By this point—after the meetings we’ve participated in and the conversations we’ve had—you probably don’t need much of an update from me. But here it goes anyway!

First, I would like to thank each of you: our Committee-men and –women, State Party Chairs and staff, who do an outstanding job representing our Party in the states and territories.

And a big thanks goes to the California delegation for their hospitality this week.

I want to acknowledge a few folks in particular who have transitioned out of their leadership roles including: Bruce Ash, John Ryder, Lew Eisenberg, Carolyn McLarty, and Matt Pinnell. The leadership you have demonstrated for years has been instrumental to our success as a Party and we thank you.

I also want to thank my staff who do an incredible job day in and day out, and a big shout out to the Member Services team of Katie Hrkman and Emily Threadgill and our Legal Team including John Phillippe for their incredible work this week. And none of this would be possible without my amazing Chief of Staff, Sara Armstrong.

Last but not least, I want to give special thanks our former Co-Chair Sharon Day and Chairman Reince Priebus—who’s doing a fantastic job at the White House and we are incredibly proud of him.

Since you elected me in January, it’s been a whirlwind of activity at the RNC.

I can’t tell you how humbled I am by your trust and support—so to each of you, I say thank you.
2016 was a great year in large part because of the support and hard work of everyone in this room.

Now our ENTIRE country is experiencing the benefits of strong Republican leadership.

I want to share a video from the leader of our Party and the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.


Since day one in office—and in the days leading up to his inauguration—President Trump, Vice President Pence and their team in the White House have worked tirelessly to deliver on the promises they made to the American people – to Make America Great Again.

And despite the Democrats’ failed attempts to cut our majority, Republicans control both chambers of Congress, gained control of more state legislatures and governors’ mansions than in decades, and are working with President Trump to put America First.

Can you imagine what our country would look like if it were Hillary Clinton in the White House?

As a dishonest career flip-flopper who couldn’t properly handle her own email account, she would’ve been a rubber stamp for more of Obama’s extreme agenda.

Instead of a Rule of Law jurist, the Supreme Court, would be led by liberal activists who would treat the Constitution like a doormat.

Instead of a leader on the international stage, Hillary Clinton would be doubling down on the weak, foreign policy message of leading from behind.

Instead of booming economic growth, we would see even more job-killing regulations, bad trade deals, all peddled by big government liberals.

Thanks to all of you in this room, along with millions of voters who stood up to be counted in November – things look MUCH, much better.

In the first 100 days, President Trump has enacted 28 pieces of legislation, signed 25 executive orders, reenergized our economy, rolled back regulations and red tape, and advocated to strengthen our national defense.

All the while, economic optimism has been renewed, with consumer confidence reaching its highest level in 16 years.

This is what Making America Great Again looks like.
Our number one job at the RNC is to win elections.

We do it because we believe Americans deserve the chance to succeed and achieve their own version of the American Dream—and that Republican principles can help make that dream a reality.

Five years ago, Chairman Priebus took an honest look into why voters weren’t electing Republicans.

The unpleasant truth was that we weren’t connecting and engaging with voters in a meaningful way.

The RNC took immediate action, to foster a culture of innovation and put more emphasis on a data-driven campaign structure.

State parties were empowered to lead us to victory by thinking long term and given support to expand operations not just for upcoming elections, but to build towards future ones.

These resources help our field team knock on the right doors, call the undecided households, and make sure that we get every single absentee or early vote. 

When we’re part of a community we can listen to voters. We can connect with them.

And, we can find ways to put policies in place to make a positive difference in their lives.

Creating a data-driven, relationship-focused campaign structure helped to build the foundation for our success in November.

Now we must keep our foot on the gas.

We are laser-focused on increasing outreach to voters and expanding our data and field programs.

The task before us—to grow our Party—will be no small feat.

Because the president can’t govern if we don’t win, and we can’t win if we don’t grow.
We have an opportunity and responsibility to expand and shape not only our Party, but our country.

That starts with each of you.

President Trump needs majorities in Congress, governor’s mansions, and state legislatures to continue Making America Great Again.

Unfortunately, the last 8 years of failed Democrat leadership left Americans feeling distrust for Washington.

President Trump took that to heart, going to places Democrats wouldn’t go. And he listened.

He talked to coal miners in West Virginia, spoke to low-income students at a charter school in inner-city Cleveland, and visited Hispanic churches in Florida.

While Americans have made it clear they want both parties to work with the president, Democrats are engaging in historic levels of obstruction, blocking President Trump’s agenda every step of the way.

They boycotted the inauguration. They filibustered our Supreme Court nominee. They have put politics above people, and Americans deserve better.

They deserve a party that will fight for the people they represent.

The future of our country depends on the future of our Party.

Americans want and need a party they can trust. We are that Party.
The people I talk to in Michigan finally feel like they have a voice in the White House who represents them.

President Trump is putting Americans first and Making America Great Again.

The Democrats are not sitting back and cooling their heels—they want to take everything back.

So we must work twice as hard and build on our data, digital, and ground game operations if we are going to increase our majorities and keep President Trump in the White House in 2020. 

And we’re doing just that. We posted our highest fundraising numbers in history following a presidential election, running ground games operations in states with special elections, and building out our field program across the country.

The state of our Republican Party is strong.

But we will need your continued support to elect Republicans up and down the ballot this year, next year, and for years to come.

From California to Nebraska to Maryland, if we continue to grow as a Party and work together, we will continue to elect Republicans and Make America Great Again.

This country, the one I love so much and feel so blessed to live in, where opportunities and freedoms are created - is worth fighting for. And if we don’t fight, who will?

So, let’s seize this opportunity - keep our foot on the gas - and move onward to victory.

Thank you again.

God Bless each of you and God Bless the United States of America.