Republican National Committee
Sept. 21, 2018

99 problems and cash is #1

I realize the DNC is an afterthought for most of you at this point, but this is really something.
Accounting for debt, the DNC ended August with less than $1M in the bank.



Cycle to Date

Cash on Hand













And if you look at all of the top party committees, Republicans are in a strong financial position heading into the midterms.


Party Committees

Cycle to Date






*latest available filings


Leaving It All On The Field: Thanks to RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel’s prolific fundraising, we’ve built a massive field operation that Democrats simply can’t match:
·         540+ paid staff in 28 states
·         22,800 Republican Leadership Initiative (RLI) fellows trained – up from 5,000 trained the entire 2016 presidential cycle
·         Tens of thousands of traditional volunteers recruited
·         38 MILLION traditional voter contacts made (phones and doors)
Having strong candidates backed by a strong infrastructure is key to victory, as we saw this week in a district Democrats had held for 139 years.
History is definitely against us, but the RNC is 100% committed to doing whatever we can to protect our House and Senate majorities this fall.
Michael Ahrens
Rapid Response Director
Republican National Committee

Republican National Committee
June 21, 2018

78 days out - Dems still broke 😢

Just 78 days from the first ballots being available in the 2018 midterms, and the Democratic Party still finds itself in embarrassingly bad financial shape. Compare that to the RNC, which has raised more money at this point in a midterm cycle than any party committee – ever. 


May Cycle to Date Cash on Hand Debt
RNC $14.6M $199.1M $47.4M $0
DNC $5.6M $101.2M $8.7M $5.7M
Accounting for debt, the RNC’s war chest heading into the midterms is over 15 TIMES that of the DNC.



Where We’re Spending: The RNC just beefed up our field program to a record 500 paid staffers across 27 states, including all battleground states with targeted Senate and House races. The RNC has committed to spending a quarter of a BILLION this cycle to defend our majorities.
But, but, but… haven’t Dems raised more if you factor in all of the party committees?! No.



Cycle to Date

Cash on Hand







Note: NRSC and DSCC figures as of April 30,

since the DSCC has yet to file its report for May.


Worth Noting: During the month of May, the DNC received major fundraising help from Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Jason Kander – but still did terribly. Now that they’re relying on Hollywood celebrities for communications advice, maybe Democrats could use their next messaging meeting to beg for more cash? 


Michael Ahrens
Rapid Response Director
Republican National Committee
Republican National Committee
May 21, 2018

Dems' worst fundraising since '06

The DNC just posted its worst April of fundraising in a midterm year since 2006, ensuring the Democratic Party’s money woes will extend into the 2018 elections.
The DNC’s report included yet another six-figure check for Hillary Clinton, part of a $5M+ deal that’s drawn the ire of several prominent Democrats.
Less than six months out from the midterms, the Democrats have more debt and less money in the bank than when Brown University Professor and part-time DNC Chair Tom Perez took over. At the same time, Ronna McDaniel has consistently broken fundraising records, putting the RNC in a strong position to defend our majorities in the House and Senate.

Michael Ahrens
Rapid Response Director
Republican National Committee