Club for Growth PAC
Rachael Slobodien  |   November 7, 2018

Club for Growth PAC: Where the House GOP Should Go from Here

Today, Club for Growth President David McIntosh made the following statement on the future course of House Republicans in light of the midterm election results:

“The Club for Growth PACs were very engaged in this election.  Overall, Club for Growth entities raised and spent almost $30 million.  More than $12 million on House races— that is more than double what any other conservative group spent on House elections.   And the investment has paid off.  Club for Growth PAC won 85% of its races.

“The takeaway from last night’s election results is that conservatives won.  All of the new Senate Republicans are conservatives.  The House Freedom Caucus, with the financial backing of Club for Growth Action, increased its membership by 10% as did the number of Members who vote conservative, but haven’t formally joined the Caucus.

“As far as what comes next for Republicans in the House, a new day requires new leadership.  Jim Jordan is running for Minority Leader.  Mark Meadows should also be in leadership along with a new freshman who earned the endorsement of Club for Growth PAC and won in spite of the Blue Ripple.

“Once that happens, Republicans will finally have leaders who believe in the pro-growth conservative agenda that conservatives won on— even while the establishment Members lost the majority last night.  This means continuing to fight for tax cuts to keep economic growth going.  It also means opposing Democrats’ calls for universal, government-run health care.  And finally, Republicans must continue to work with the Trump Administration to remove bad, costly regulations that harm Americans’ jobs.

“By starting a new day with new leadership and fresh conservative ideas, Republicans will be able to recapture the majority in two years.”