Representive Campaign Ads from the Top Candidates for Governor

Newsom for California
"Courage for a Change"
:60 Ad

Gavin Newsom (clip)
: Today we can confidently say is the first day in the state of California that we are providing marriage equally and fairly to everyone, denying no one their right and their opportunity to live their lives out loud. [applause]

Male Announcer: It takes courage to make real change.  That's Gavin Newsom.  The first mayor to recognize the right to marry the person you love.  The first to deliver health care to every citizen as a fundamental right.  Gavin Newsom took on the gun lobby and won.  And Newsom balanced seven budgets in a row without laying off a single police officer, teacher or fire fighter.

Gavin Newsom (to camera/audio): Let's do what Californians have always done.  Imagine the future and start building it today.  [applause SFX]

Male Announcer: Gavin Newsom for governor.  Courage for a change.

Villaraigosa for Governor 2018
"I Believe" +
:30 TV Ad

[Music] Antonio Villaraigosa: This is the kind of governor I'll be.  I believe in standing up for people who work hard.  I believe on focusing on better jobs and better schools for kids who have no other way up.  I believe in taking on the school establishment that cares more about what used to be than what should be.  I believe in protecting Dreamers and immigrants, and health care for the people in danger of losing it.  I'm not a Democrat for the powerful; I'll be a governor who empowers you.

John Chiang for Governor
"Truth" +
:30 TV Ad (May 25, 2018)

[Musiic] John Chiang: I call it like I see it. The race for governor turned into a scam.  Gavin Newsom is trying to elect a Republican who was endorsed by Trump. And Villaraigosa is being bankrolled by a handful of billionaires. It’s everything that’s wrong with politics. And none of it is helping struggling families. Here’s my pledge to you: I’ll keep our budget balanced, invest in affordable housing, fight for universal health care, and stand up to Donald Trump. As governor, you can trust me to do what’s right, because I always have.

Delaine Eastin for Governor 2018
"Smash the Patriarchy" +
:30 TV Ad (June 2, 2018)

Villaraigosa: You were making millions of dollars while you were in office....
Newsom: You didn't have money so you took the cheapest bus...
Allen: You can't trust Gavin with his best friend's wife.  Newsom: I find that offensive...
Cox: My opponent stole the money...
TEXT: When they go low, we go high. —Michelle Obama
Male Announcer: Delaine Eastin.
Delaine Eastin (clip): People need to be on a mission.  Government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Travis Allen for Governor 2018
:30 Radio Ad (April 30, 2018) +

Male Announcer: In the race for governor, Travis Allen is the Republican you can trust. 

When candidate Donald Trump was under attack, Travis Allen stood with him.  His opponent, Chicago politician John Cox, voted for that other person, spent years voicing opposition to a wall and securing our border, and as recently as 2016 aligned with a Soros ultra-liberal PAC to attack Republicans.

Travis Allen supports building a wall to secure our border and has worked to elect Republicans across California.  Join Travis Allen, the only true conservative, and let's take back California.

Paid for by Travis Allen for Governor 2018.

John Cox for Governor 2018
"Trump" +
:60 Radio Ad (late May 2018)

[Music] Male Announcer: The Democrats and their liberal allies are spending millions of dollars on fake news ads attacking Republican John Cox. 

Why?  Because in the upcoming June election only the top two finishers advance to the November runoff.  The Democrats don't want Republicans to vote, that way two Democrats move forward to November, leaving Republicans shut out again.  And that's no choice at all.  The Democrat one-party rule in Sacramento is bad enough, but one party elections—well, that's un-American.

But we can do something about it.  In fact, President Trump already has, personally endorsing John Cox for governor and urging all Republicans to unite behind the only Republican with a chance to finish in the top two and beat the Jerry Brown Democrats.

Endorsed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, John Cox will support President Trump, repeal the gas tax, build the wall, and end the sanctuary state. 

Mail in your ballot today for Republican businessman John Cox for governor.

Cox: Paid for by John Cox for Governor 2018.