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A catastrophic night for House Republicans

TFW you're barely hanging on in a district that a Democrat hasn't won since Jimmy Carter was president: 

Former Romney Chief Strategist Stuart Stevens: "I’ve worked in Ohio presidential and senateraces for Republicans and the idea of #oh12 being a close race is sort of like hearing gravity is a regional phenomena. It’s not how the world is suppose to work." [Twitter, 8/7/2018]

Dave Wasserman, Cook Political Report: "If anything, tonight's #OH12 result reinforces our view that Dems are substantial favorites to retake the House in November." [Twitter, 8/7/2018]

Columbus Dispatch: "...there was a dark cloud to the silver lining. In the nation’s final congressional election before November, the race was very tight in what has traditionally been a no-contest district for Republicans." [Columbus Dispatch, 8/7/2018

Kyle Kondik, University of Virginia Center for Politics: "It's one more piece of evidence amidst a lot of others that this is a good environment for Democrats, and it provides some opportunities to the party in the fall...This is a continuing trend in what we've seen in special elections so far." [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 8/8/2018]

University of Cincinnati Political Science Professor David Niven: "It speaks to an enthusiasm gap that could render an awful lot of previously unwinnable districts in play." [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 8/8/2018]

Cleveland Plain Dealer: "O'Connor had no reason to be as competitive as he did in a district that former Republican U.S. Rep. Pat Tiberi held since 2000 and hasn't elected a Democrat since 1982." [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 8/8/2018]

Washington Post: "Almost any way you slice the numbers, Ohio's 12th congressional district in the northern Columbus suburbs wasn't supposed to be competitive for Democrats." [Washington Post, 8/8/2018]

Republican National Committee

ICYMI: Chairwoman McDaniel: President Trump Engaged and Energized The Electorate in OH-12

RNC Chairwoman: The President’s Visit to Ohio on Saturday is Why We Won
BILL HEMMER: You know what the Democrats are going to say, they are going to say that visit on Saturday drove their voters to come out in Northern Franklin County and parts of Delaware County. And I know you're going to take the other side of that. Do you think the visit on Saturday even kept this thing close?

CHAIRWOMAN MCDANIEL: The visit on Saturday is why we won. Listen, we saw what was happening in the AB early vote. We knew through our data that we needed to get our electorate engaged and energized. That's why President Trump went in on Saturday before Election Day into Delaware County where we won, which was the key county. Our data and our targeting, the RNC is on the ground, we made 1 million voter contacts, but we know what was happening, we know that most of these absentee ballots outstanding right now are Republican ballots. So, we feel very good about this victory. But absolutely President Trump is the antidote to Republican complacency. Because when he comes and says, 'Let's look at the results of my presidency: The economy is doing well, unemployment is down, people are doing better, they have more money. We have to fight for that, and I need more Republicans in Washington so we can do that.' The Democrats are doubling down on obstruct and resist and that is not a winning message.

Donald J. Trump for President
- AUGUST 8 2018 -

President Trump Helps Bring Home GOP Victories

NEW YORK, NY – Following victories in a series of GOP primaries in which President Trump endorsed the candidates, and the Special Election in the 12th District of Ohio where the President endorsed and campaigned for GOP victor Troy Balderson, Brad Parscale, Campaign Manager for Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., issued the following statement:

“When President Trump says he is all in for our GOP candidates in the midterm elections, he means it. Clearly, the President’s support was pivotal in GOP primaries yesterday where we nominated exceptional candidates in states including Michigan and Missouri, and Kansas where he endorsed the likely victor in the primary for governor. Also, there is no doubt that Donald Trump was the deciding factor in the election of a great candidate, Troy Balderson, in the Special Election in the 12th Congressional District of Ohio. RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and Co-Chairman Bob Paduchik deserve great credit for helping deliver Troy’s victory as well. This race showed that this President will campaign hard to turn out voters to protect and expand our GOP majorities in the House and Senate this fall. President Trump is delivering the right kind of leadership, results, and inspiration to unify our party at just the right time to keep America winning.”


National Republican Congressional Committee

NRCC Congratulates Troy Balderson on OH-12 Victory

WASHINGTON – NRCC Chairman Steve Stivers today congratulated Congressman-Elect Troy Balderson on his victory in the OH-12 special election, saying:

“I’m proud that my fellow central Ohioan, Troy Balderson, will join me in Congress.

“Congratulations to Congressman-Elect Balderson on his hard-fought victory tonight. Nancy Pelosi and her liberal donors flooded this district with money and ads in an attempt to buy this seat. However, Troy’s focus never wavered from the issues central Ohioans care about like fighting opioids, creating jobs, and lowering taxes.

“The NRCC mobilized quickly, holding Danny O’Connor accountable for his hypocrisy on Nancy Pelosi and promoting Troy’s record of accomplishment. We were proud to stand with Troy every step of the way.”