1992 Democratic Presidential Primary

                           Wilder for President Committee
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Over 37 million Americans without basic health care or access to affordable health care. 11 million of those are children. And over 80% of those children are from families where both parents work.

That is unacceptable in America.

The right to affordable and quality health care is my commitment to "Put America First." Every American should have access to a health care professional. We must reform the Medicaid program to ensure that its $100 billion a year budget is spent in a way to maximize health care for children, and the people it was designed to help. A fair and equitable universal health insurance plan should include primary and preventative health care needs, dental care, limited mental health counseling and emergency room and long term care. Access to primary health care also must be expanded to fill the gaps in service delivery in low-income inner city and rural areas.

Funding for education and research to control the AIDS epidemic in mandatory if we are to be realistic about facing one of the defining issues of our day.


America must have leadership to restore the confidence of the consumer. Americans are concerned that they have not been put first as the Congress and lthe President allocated our tax dollars to priorities outsitle of our cities, towns and communities.
Working class men and women are forced to share more of a budget that does not allow them to buy a home, finance a car, or to save for their retirement.

The Bush Administration said it would create jobs, and they did--­in Japan, in El Salvador, in Korea. What about America?

I propose a tax cut for average Americans aimed at restoring confidence to the consumer. More income available to the consumer will in more spending, stronger businesses and hence, more jobs.

We must make the painful but bold decision to put our fiscal house in order by cutting government waste and spending, reordering our defense priorities and putting America back to world, rebuilding our infrastructure, bridges, roads and cities.

My Put America First Economic Initiative would begin by identifying and eliminating waste to the tune of $50 billion. The surplus created will be used to finance a $35 billion tax cut for middle class Americans. The remaining $15 billion will be use to create Development and Investment Grants to restore America's cities.


Our children deserve the best teachers and the best facilities in which to learn. Our priorities have not reflected a national will to make our schools centers of excellence. We must, no matter what the obstacles, guarantee that schools in the inner cities or in the countryside provide the necessary foundations to educate our children in a manner which will make America competitive with the world.

We lag far behind other parts of the world which have less resources in achievement and testing. We must create an environment which encourages our best and brightest from the nation's colleges and private industry to enter the teaching profession. The growing community of senior citizens and retirees who have so much to give is largely untapped as a potential source of new educators.

We must dedicate ourselves to "retooling" our educational system to expand the use of available technology to help educate our youth in the skills which will make them competitive and secure America's future.


The nation has seen many attempts to divide us along lines of race to justify the recession that has hurt middle class, working Americans. There are even some in our own party who have sought to tie the downturn in the economy to affirmative action programs.

Now we see minority scholarships being challenged and the forces of David Duke claiming the country has hit rock bottom because people on welfare are unwilling to work. We need now more than ever, a President who will not use the empty slogans and "blame the victim" tactics to alienate voting blocs against one another. We need a strong voice that reaffirms our strength in diversity. We came together as people from all over the world, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America to be free from oppression. Together we can make America great and ourselves proud.

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