1992 Democratic Presidential Primary

                                 The Tsongas Committee

NH Flyer - 8 1/2" x 11".

The League of Conservation Voters
On Paul Tsongas

"Tsongas had an excellent pro-environment voting record during his congressional career."

"In the seven years since he left the Senate ... he has used his political capital...to advance environmental and energy issues," one prominent environmentalist said, "He's done it effectively and made a difference."

Energy – A Solar-Minded Conservationist
"Environmentalists praised Tsongas for his overall record on energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable/alternative energy. They emphasized his in-depth knowledge of the subjects, including technical aspects."

"Tsongas won an award from the Solar Energy Industries Association for being the most solar-minded member of Congress."

Tsongas is one of the original ten signers of a 1992 energy efficiency ballot initiative proposed by Massachusetts environmentalists.
The Alaska Lands Act

Paul Tsongas was the "champion, sponsor, spokesperson, and negotiator" of the Alaska Lands Act. This landmark legislation set aside 103 million acres of land for conservation.
Saving Walden Woods

Tsongas has "stuck his neck out" in protecting Walden Woods, a scenic and historic piece of land in Massachusetts threatened by development.
Leadership on Land Use – The Cape Cod Commission
"Tsongas has won unanimous praise from Massachusetts environmentalists for his leadership in the formation of the Cape Cod Commission, a regional land-use planning authority. Environmentalists have praised the formation of the commission as a landmark in Massachusetts history and as a model for growth-management action across the nation. Many say that the commission would never have come about in the absence of Tsongas' initiative."

For more information on Paul Tsongas' environmental record, contact:
The Tsongas Committee
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Printed and Copied In-House on Recycled Paper by Volunteers at The Tsongas Committee, 42 Hanover Street, Manchester, NH 031101 (603) 625-1992. Call us!  This information paper contains highlights from the LCV Presidential Profile on Paul Tsongas.