1992 Democratic Presidential Primary

                           Kerrey for President, Inc.

NH Talking Points - 8 1/2" x 11".


•    Hi, my name is __________ and I'm helping Bob Kerrey's campaign for President.

•    Have you decided if you will be supporting Bob Kerrey for President?
•    If Kerrey • That's great! Let me check your address so we can keep up to date about what the campaign is doing and notify you when Bob Kerrey will be in town.
(check address)
Thank you very much, an organizer will probably be calling you to talk with you about getting involved in Bob's campaign. Good-bye.
(mark them as a 1, end the contact)

•    If other than Kerrey - Thank you for your time, good-bye.
(mark them as a 5, end the contact)

•    If undecided, continue with the talking points --
•    I believe in Bob Kerrey since I feel he will bring strong leadership to the White House that will help solve our nation's problems in a positive way. Are there any specific issues you are interested in or questions I might answer?

-- Engage the voter in a conversation about Bob Kerrey --

Bio -- Senator from Nebraska. Congressional Medal of Honor recipient. Served as Governor. Small businessman.

Health Care -- Only candidate who has written and introduced into Congress a bill that would guarantee health care for every American. Includes strict cost containment provisions, yet leaves much of the control in the hands of state and local officials. Under this program, the average American family would save money.

Economic Renewal for America -- Bob is a successful small businessman. He understands the squeeze most Americans are feeling. Bob Kerrey believes that by investing in our people and in our businesses, we can improve our nation's economic strength. Bob believes we must have a new trade policy that considers the needs of American workers and doesn't allow for unfair competition from other countries. Bob believes we must invest in educating, training and retraining our workers, and we must also invest in emerging new technologies so we can better compete with other nations.

Education -- Bob Kerrey believes that by failing to provide all children with the opportunity to obtain a good education, we are not only failing them, but we are endangering our nation's ability to prepare for the challenges we will face in the next century.

Federal Debt -- Bob Kerrey knows how to make the tough decisions to reduce our debt because he has already done it. Wiren Bob Kerrey took office as governor of Nebraska, the state was in its worst economic crisis since the Great Depression -- when be left office 4 years later, Nebraska had a $54 million surplus and no permanent tax increases.

Choice -- Bob Kerrey is pro-choice.

•    Thank you for your time and please consider Bob Kerrey for President.
        -- End the contact and rank the voter.
                1 -- Kerrey supporter
                2 -- leaning toward Bob Kerrey
                3 -- undecided
                4 -- leaning toward another candidate -- name (if offered)
                5 -- supporting another candidate -- name (if offered)