1992 Democratic Presidential Primary

                           Kerrey for President, Inc.

Trip Flyer from GWU - 8 1/2" x 11".


Here's the plan:

A group of 47 Kerrey for President staff and volunteers from the DC area will leave from 1511 K Street NW on a charter bus at 8 pm, Friday the 17th of January. You will want to eat some dinner before we leave. We do not want to have to stop driving.

We will drive all night, arriving in Nashua, NH at approximately 7 on Saturday morning the 18th. 17 of our group will remain in Nashua. We will continue up the road to Manchester, where we will drop off 20 more people. Our final stop will be the Concord office, where 10 people will be based for the weekend.

We will be given breakfast and a comprehensive training session by the canvassing experts at the New Hampshire Kerrey offices. Then we're on the road ... house to house all day Saturday, all day Sunday, and Monday morning, all over NH. Very early and very late hours, we will be expected to be awake and helping out with office duties.

The bus will leave Manchester at noon on Monday (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day) the 20th. We will be back on K Street by mid­night.

Food and lodging will be provided by our NH friends and support­ers ... accomodations will not be very glamorous, but they will be free. Please bring a sleeping bag or blankets; some people will be bedding down in the Kerrey offices.

You will want to wear warm, durable snow-proof shoes or boots, gloves or mittens, a hat, etc. Granted, the more pathetic we look, the more pity votes we'll get ... but we prefer that no one get pneumonia!! Please be sensible. It is COLD up there.

Participants are expected to make a contribution of $15 or $20 [or, of course, more] to help defray the cost of the bus. We're sorry to have to do this-- but it's a small price to pay to get Bob elected!! Checks should be made out to Kerrey for President and memo note should read "contribution." This way we can get matching funds. Please pay by check!!

Participants should fill out the attatched Kerrey for President, Inc. disclaimer form and submit it with the contribution to either Liza Poinier [626-1271] or John Roberts [626-1229]. The disclaimer is your reservation. The bus is now FULL, so we need your disclaimer back right away .

As they say, Campaigners do it door to door!!! Get psyched!