1992 Democratic Presidential Primary

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The Newsletter of New Hampshire's Harkin for President Campaign    February 3, 1992

Tom Harkin
By giving us an economy that enriched the very few and disadvantaged everyone else, Ronald Reagan and George Bush betrayed the values they were sworn to uphold—the values of hard work, fair play, and expanded opportunities for all.

We've endured eleven years of this—­an unending attack on working Americans and middle-class Americans. An unending attack on the economic and moral well-being of America.

Like you, I find it difficult to describe the anger this makes me feel.

My vision of America is a completely different vision—a vision of America as one people, whose government expresses their highest principles, whose govern­ment believes that a good job and affordable health care and a hopeful future are the birthright of every American.

In this election, more than in most, the task before us is much like that of the patriots who founded America—to challenge distant and insensitive leaders, to create a society not of kings but of laws, and to labor for an America as great in practice as in promise.

I believe we love and respect our country as much as our Founders, and that we, too, will do whatever it takes to re-secure the blessings of liberty, not just for a few, but for every man, woman, and child.

This is the hopefulness—this full and large vision that includes and honors all Americans-which has always been our nation's strength. It is the bedrock of my plan for America. It will work. We can do it. Together, we can make America great again.
Tom Harkin 

New Hampshire County News
Why I support Tom Harkin

... "Tom has more to say and will do more than the others, plus, if Tip O'Neil likes him, I like him too"—Mary Clack, Manchester ... "Tom symbolizes hard work, determination, and an unyielding spirit"—Stacey Ziegenfuss, Manchester ... "I met him and asked him if he would be a real true Harry Truman Democrat. Tom said 'Hell, yes!'-and I think that's what this country needs"­—Arthur Hardy, Manchester ... "I like Harkin because he's somebody with conviction who's not afraid to say he's a Democrat and a liberal with guts. I'm glad he's taking on Clinton who wants a coalition lacking in heart and spirit"—Bill Ryan, Concord ... "I think Senator Harkin stands out, more on his own, than the others. He has a different agenda and is more believable. The others seem like they're competing with each other"—Helena Dockery, Concord ... "I like Harkin because he knows what it is like to wait for a paycheck every week. He seems like he will do what he says "—Patty Lussier, Claremont ... "He's a principled person. He stands up for his principles whether or not it's the politically expedient thing to do and that makes me trust him. I trust what he says and I believe him"—Dorothy Bickford, Dover ... "I like Tom Harkin because he says we can be liberal Democrats and because he can beat George Bush"—Don Gordon, Dover ... "I think that Harkin is a true Democrat. He can take the Democratic message to the people. When he says he is the true Democrat, I believe him"—Bill McCann, Dover ... "He was the first Democrat to show that he can beat George Bush"—Laura Gaimo, Derry ... "He has shown in the past that he is a friend of labor-he is sensitive towards the working people of America"—Fred Nugent, Derry ... "I think that Tom Harkin is the only candidate with both the strength and compassion to win the election and tum this country around"—Joyce Wiza, Derry ... "I'm unemployed and on COBRA, which runs out soon, and I have no prospect of finding a full-time job in this economy. I support Tom Harkin because his health care policy is the only one that speaks to people like me "—Ted Michalek, Manchester ... "As a parent of disabled children I know very well of the unbelievable help Tom Harkin has offered to millions of Americans with disabilities. This is the kind .of leadership America needs"—Pat Keegan, Salem ... "Because he represents the working class people, I'm voting for Tom Harkin "—Andy Papalilas, Nashua ... "While I disagree with Tom on abortions I appreciate that he has expanded adoption opportunities, pre- and post-natal health care, assistance for women, infants and children, and help to pregnant teenagers"—Teddy Nardi, Manchester ... "After 12 years of Reagan and Bush this country needs to be turned around. We need jobs, health care, and mostly hope ... Tom Harkin can do it "—Bill Gray, Nashua ... "I'm voting for Tom Harkin because he is, more than any other candidate, going to create a strong, confident, vibrant America. His reinvestment in people is a refreshing return to a more prosperous period. And he represents true Democratic values"—Edith Couchman Lewis, Nashua ... "He really impresses on education. Senator Harkin knows where we have to go and what we have to do "—Leo Sandy, Laconia ... "Tom Harkin can be trusted to be on the side of women. He has the record and the heart I trust the most "—Paula Barbour, Nashua ... "Tom Harkin is the only one I trust to let me make my own decision on choice ... he is my choice for President"—Naly Papalious, Nashua ... "Looking to the future, I see little direction. Tom Harkin is future and the future is now. People in their forties begin to plan for retirement and, without the leadership of Harkin the future is bleak "—Steve Jones, Litchfield 

The page one photograph of Tom Harkin was taken in a Manchester mill building that is a prime example of what the Reagan-Bush years have done to our country. Formerly the home of Pandora, a clothing manu­facturer, it is now vacant. Tom said::
"All over America I see empty factories...the dashed hopes and dreams of working people all over the country.

"When I look around and I see this empty factory here, I see the legacy of George Bush's economic policies.

"You can look down this hallway, you can hear the echoes, you can hear the echoes of the people that once worked here.

"They were good citizens.

"They fought our wars and paid their taxes.

"And they worked in these plants to make our country better, and what I hear when I hear these echoes, is a challenge to us, to not forget what made this country the great,wonderful America that we are. People at work, and what they are saying to us ...

"Don't forget.

"Don't give up.

"Build it again.

"We can do it."

N.H. for Harkin

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Military cuts directly benefit New Hampshire
The need for millions of dollars to be spent on troops overseas  collapsed along with the Soviet Union," says Presidential candidate Tom Harkin. "As President I will insist that we ask our European and Japanese allies to defend themselves. I will reduce substantially over ten years the nuclear arsenal and con­ventional weapons we no longer need."

After only five years of five percent reduction in the Department of Defense budget substantial revenue would become available for use in New Hampshire. Applying the four tenths of one percent which is the state's share of the military budget to the $130 billion saved by 1997 in the Harkin Plan the following programs could be funded in New Hampshire:

  • $20 million—Business Productivity Incentives—Low interest loans for purchase of equipment leading to new products and markets and industrial incubators
  • $45 million—Public Works: Infra­structure—Upgrade roads and bridges
  • $72.5 million—Kindergartens—­Attendance for 4,250 five-year-olds in communities lacking kindergartens
  • $40 million—Wastewater Treat­ment—Plants in 38 financially strapped towns throughout the state
  • $40 million—Head Start—Increase funding by 78 percent
  • $75 million—Home Ownership—Affordable home ownership through federal HOME, Farmer's Home and HOPE programs
  • $35 million—Business Opportunities/Retraining—Help convert businesses threatened by cuts in military spen­ding and train workers for new jobs
Funding these programs is only the tip of the iceberg. There still would be available nearly $200 million for Foundation Aid, subsidized Day Care, Energy Assistance, air pollution control and many other worthwhile ideas which are currently half done or undone.

It's time to reinvest in America and New Hampshire by voting for Tom Harkin.

The report by the Citizens Budget Campaign was used as a reference for the suggested expenditures. A Blueprint to Build a New America, the Harkin plan, is available at your nearest Harkin Headquarters.
Tom Harkin has had it with trickle down economics. He wants to be the president who rebuilt America. He says:

''The economic programs that I'm talking about will put people to work right away. When you invest in a mass transit system, for example, in a city, or rebuilding a bridge in a town like Concord, sure you hire the hard hats, you hire the steel workers and the smith people and people like that but then there's also bookkeepers that have to be hired, there's also accountants, there's also designers, architects, computer operators, all of these. people have to be put to work.

"When they do that, then people have money in their pockets. They also take that money and they go shopping up and down Main Street. That means the Main Street businesses are doing better, that means they can hire more sales clerks and people like that. It gets the wheels of our commerce going again.
"That is what I call percolate up economics. You put it in at the bottom, put people to work, they have money, they spend their money here in America and that gets our whole economy going again."

If You're Ready to Help Rebuild America ...
... if you're ready to make America as great in practice as in promise-if you're ready for a campaign that makes you proud to be a Democrat, please call the campaign office nearest you or mail this coupon to: New Hampshire for Harkin, 45 South Main Street, Concord, NH 03301.

I'm on the Harkin Team!
I agree, as President, Tom Harkin will lead us to a New America!   I can provide a sign location. 
I'll volunteer on election day to:   Make phone calls   Drive people to the polls   Hold signs  
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Big changes
If anything that's the one difference between me and all the other Democrats running, I am saying forthrightly, I am going to take Reaganomics and I'm going to throw it out the window.

We are going to have a different economic system here in America. It's going to be a big change, not just tinkering and fine tuning.

We need a president who will take the billions of dollars that we are giving in tax breaks to the wealthy and the giant corporations, the billions we are spending overseas, we need a president to bring that home and invest it here in America.

I'm talking about changes in America unlike any we have ever seen.

If you want a president who is just going to tinker around a little bit, fix trickle-down economics a little bit, please don't vote for me. I'm not your guy. But, if you want a real Democrat as president, someone who is going to come in there, shake things up, with bold, big changes, put the American people back to work, I'm your man.

Tom Harkin

Tom Harkin's Pledge ...
To the citizens of New Hampshire I pledge that by the end of my first year as President I will sign a law providing comprehensive health care for all Americans.

The plan will include:
1.  No fine-print exceptions or pre-existing condition exclusions
2.  Families will be protected against the high cost of long-term care and personal assistance services. People will be encouraged to stay in their own homes and family care-givers will be helped
3.  Cost cutting and quality improvement through prevention
4.  An end to bureaucratic waste, red tape, and padded prices
5.  Patients will choose their own doctor, hospital or other health care provider
6.  A research war to find a cure for cancer, Alzheimer's disease, AIDS, arthritis, mental illness and other conditions, including orphan diseases
7.  Correction of unsafe working conditions and elimination of toxins that pollute our air and water
8.  Expansion of National Health Service Corps and other incentives to bring more doctors and nurses to underserved rural and urban areas

In the Senate I have already reduced by 20 percent President Bush's wasteful administrative cost increases, required competitive bidding for WIC contractors, expanded investment in biomedical research, fought to end discrimination against women in health care research and coverage and led efforts to revive the National Health Service Corps.

With the full weight of the American people behind me the power of the White House will be undeniable. We can then assure Americans of their fundamental right to a life of quality.

New Hampshire for Harkin
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