1992 Democratic Presidential Primary

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Tom Harkin kicked off his Presidential campaign on September 15th at the annual Harkin Steak-fry near Winterset, Iowa. A crowd of 3,000 enthusiastic supporters--many wearing "Give 'Em Hell Harkin" T-shirts--­roared approval as the candidate pledged to run a "never defend, always attack" campaign against the Republican White House. "George Herbert Walker Bush has feet of clay, and I intend to take a hammer to them. "

Harkin said his first act as President would be to trash the failed Reagan/Bush experiment of "supply-side, trickle-down" economics. "Supply-side was supposed to help everyone. But who did it help? The privileged few at the top. I say it's time for a new economic agenda. One that's investment-based -- and invests in people."

Harkin asked the crowd: "After four years of George Bush, are your roads better? Are your streets safer at night? Is your health care more affordable? Well, if the answers to these questions is NO, then I've got to ask you, like Harry Truman asked the farmers back in 1948, 'How many times do you have to get hit on the head before you figure out what's hitting you?' "

Matching Funds: A Major Milestone

Just one week after his announcement, Tom Harkin' s Presidential Campaign qualified for federal matching funds, by meeting Federal Election Commission (FEC) threshold require­ments in 30 states. FEC rules state that a cam­paign must raise at least $5,000 in contributions of $250 or less in at least 20 states in order to qualify for federal funding.

"The campaign is off and running," said Harkin Campaign Manager Tim Raftis. "Meet­ing the requirements of matching funds just a week after the announcement gives us a real boost."

Raftis and Finance Director Betsy Schwengel promise to run a campaign that relies on broad­based grassroots support. They are currently getting ready for fundraising events throughout the country, including a series of nationwide houseparties on November 18th to celebrate Tom's 52nd birthday.
"George Bush says he understands ordinary Americans because he eats pork rinds. Well, George Herbert
Walker Bush can eat three bags of pork rinds a day and he still won't understand ordinary working Americans."

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Harkin has selected political campaign expert Tim Raftis as his Presidential Campaign Man­ager. Raftis has been involved in all Harkin' s campaigns since his 1984 Senate reelection bid. He left his position as president of the political consulting firm, Politics, Inc., to lead the campaign.

Chief of Staff at Harkin' s Senate office, Kay Casstevens, will join the campaign this month to serve as Deputy Campaign Manager. Casstevens worked for the Dukakis campaign in 1988.

Betsy Schwengel, Harkin' s finance director for the past three years, is a former aide to Senator Howard Metzenbaum of Ohio. Schwengel will be in charge of the campaign's national finance efforts.

Lorraine Voles, a veteran· of the Dukakis campaign and currently a Senate staff member, will serve as the campaign's Press Secretary.

John Fitzpatrick, political strategist and former Harkin Congressional aide, will serve as a senior advisor to the campaign. Fitzpatrick managed Harkin's 1972 and 1974 House cam­paigns and his successful 1984 Senate race. He also served as Deputy Campaign Manager for Senator Paul Simon's 1988 Presidential bid.

Kathi Rogers is the campaign's state director in New Hampshire. She has already assembled an impressive array of supporters and endorse­ments, as well as an army of dedicated volun­teers.


"Harkin can speak from the gut to Reagan Democrats and other working class Americans who had wondered what happened to Democratic values and passion. On the matter of economic populism or class warfare, Tom Harkin will drive George Bush bats."  Columnist Mark Shields

"Harkin is delivering a marvelously upbeat message. He's a Democrat not to be underesti­mated."
Washington Post reporter David Broder

"We like the way this guy talks: straight, gutsy, passionate, angry. "  The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Harkin is an attacker. I don't believe you win elections by defend, defend, defend. Harkin knows that."  Lyn Nofziger, former Reagan strategist

"Harkin could turn out to be George Bush's worst nightmare."  Syndicated Columnist Christopher Matthews

I want to help Tom Harkin beat George Bush in '92 so we can reclaim the American Dream for Americans.
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