1992 Democratic Presidential Primary

  Americans for Harkin

Brochure - 3 1/2" x 8".

Tom Harkin is fighting to reclaim the American Dream.

"For me, the American Dream has come true. My father was a coal miner, my mother a Yugoslavian immigrant with no formal education. Now, I sit next to a Rockefeller in the United States Senate.

"It used to be that the American Dream came true for lots of people. Until George Bush and the Republicans got to the top, and pulled the ladder of opportunity up behind them.

"The time has come to reclaim the American Dream."

"Half a century ago, FDR asked the American people to roll up their sleeves and roll back the Great Depression. Harry Truman chal­lenged us to build America into an
economic power able to feed and clothe and house all our people. JFK and Lyndon Johnson called on us to put an American on the moon, and to bring about a revolution in civil rights here on the earth."

"We—the American people—met those challenges. We the people can do it again."

1.  End George Bush's supply-side, trickle-down, tax-breaks-for-the-rich economics.
2.  Use Tom Harkin's INVESTMENT BASED ECONOMICS to invest in America—our workers, our schools, health care and our infrastructure.
3.  Stop subsidizing the defense of our wealthy allies. And use that money here at home. Invest in America.
4.  Get tough on trade and stop exporting American jobs to foreign countries.
5.  Help America's working families with national health care, parental leave, child care and pay equity.

"Now, our job is to ensure  that the rich possibilities of life in America are within the reach of average American citizens, not just a rich and privileged few."
Tom Harkin has spent over 100 days on the job with ordinary working people. He has served as an auto mechanic, nurse's aide, school teacher, construction worker, deputy sheriff and cafe waiter, to name just a few.

Roll up your sleeves, and join the fight I to reclaim the American Dream. Join the Harkin team. Complete this coupon, and mail it to the address below.

Enclosed is my contribution of
$30   $50   $__

I'll volunteer to make phone calls, go door-to-door, put up yard signs, or help out in a campaign office.

"The time has come for you and me to tell George Bush that we're going to stand up for the ordinary working people, and we're ready for a fight. I'm ready. Are you?


born in Cumming, Iowa (pop. 150)

graduated from Dowling Catholic High School

graduated from Iowa State University

jet pilot, United States Navy

earned law degree from Catholic University of America.

elected to the U.S. House of Representatives

elected to U.S. Senate

first Democrat from Iowa ever elected to consecutive terms to the U.S. Senate

American for Harkin

recyclable paper   [union bug]