1992 Democratic Presidential Primary

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Americans for Harkin
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Your future's on the line. You need someone standing up for you and your family.

TOM HARKIN on our side

You're from a working family. Part of America's middle class. You've got to know who's got the guts to stand up for your job. Your family's health care. Your kids' education.

That's what the 1992 presidential election is all about.

And that's why working families across America are standing up for Tom Harkin

He's on our side.

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Any Politician Can Say They'll Stand Up For You.

Only One Democratic Candidate For President Has The Guts To Do It.

Tom Harkin.


Dear Friend:

It's easy for politicians to say they're for working and middle­-income families.

But you know talk is cheap, You want someone who understands your concerns. Someone who has the guts to stand up and take your side.

Let me tell you something. I know the outrage you and other American working families feel when you get the short end of the stick. You see, I've been there.
I felt it when my mother died. A brave immigrant from Yugoslavia. I was ten. We couldn't afford the health care she needed.

I felt it when my dad died. He suffered from black lung. That's the disease coal miners get when they are forced to work in the mines without decent health protection. He worked in the pits for twenty years.

I felt it when my two sisters died from breast cancer. If they had been given mammograms, I'm convinced they'd be alive today.

And that's why I'm fighting for things working families need. National Health Care. Better health and safety on the job. Fair taxes. Keeping jobs here in America, instead of shipping them overseas.

Because that's what I believe. And why I'm on your side.

To me, that's what this election is all about: Who's got the guts to stand up and fight for you.

Tom Harkin

Tom Harkin

Getting America moving again takes decent working jobs for Americans. Not more tax breaks for the rich.
     That means creating new jobs. Providing quality education for our kids. Investing in our basic manufacturing industries and in new technologies.
     Tom Harkin stands four-square in the Democratic tradition of Roosevelt, Truman, and Kennedy of standing up for working families. Even if it means taking on the
super-rich and the big corporations.
     When the wealthy few don't pay their fair share of taxes, someone else—you and your family—has to pay for it. Tom Harkin is the only presidential candidate in this
campaign who has the guts to sponsor a minimum tax on millionaires.
     The next time you see presidential candidates, ask them where they stand on a minimum tax on millionaires. Will they stand up for American working people?

Unfair trade steals American jobs. It's time to stop it.
     Only one Democratic candidate has a long record of standing up for tough trade practices. And had the gumption to vote against Republican policies which have sent millions of our jobs overseas. That's Tom Harkin.
     Paul Tsongas is attacking Harkin for his tough position on foreign trade and
protecting American jobs. Bill Clinton and Bob Kerry actually support sending
American jobs to Mexico through "fast­-track'' trade legislation.
     They're entitled to their opinions.
     But Tom Harkin believes in taking the same tough, pro-working people stands that great Democratic presidents took—like Roosevelt, Truman, and Kennedy. And he's the only candidate who does.

No American worker should have to trade life or limb for a paycheck. That's why Tom Harkin makes safety and fairness in the workplace a top priority.

    Hundreds of thousands of Americans are injured-or killed-on the job every year. It's a tragedy that touches working families every day.
     Yet there isn't a single Democratic candidate for President who puts protecting the health and safety of American workers on his priority list. Except Tom Harkin.
     In fact, a recent independent report from the National Safe Workplace Institute said that Arkansas—under Gov. Bill Clinton—is the worst state in the union for protecting workers from hazards that can kill or maim on-the-job.
     Creating a safe workplace also means making it a fair workplace. As a sponsor of the Workplace Fairness bill—Senate Bill 55—Tom Harkin is the only candidate who's got the guts to stand up and fight for working Americans on the job.
Quality Health Care Is Every American's Right. Including Long-Term Care.
     All the politicians say they're for national health care. That's easy. Only one candidate for President has consistently been a leader in the fight for quality, affordable health care for all Americans—Tom Harkin.
     As President, he will call to the White House health care providers, consumers, hospital administrators, labor, business—and keep them there until an effective, comprehensive, affordable national health care plan is hammered out.
     Because no American family should be forced to choose between their kids' education and decent health care ... including long-term care for their parents and grandparents.

Standing up for working families. The way Democrats are supposed to.

     A "give-em-hell'' Harry Truman-­style Democrat, Tom Harkin has never forgotten his roots. Or abandoned the values he learned as a boy. That's earned him the respect—and the votes—of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans throughout his career.
     Whether it was getting elected ­and re-elected 4 times—as a tough Democratic congressman from a Republican district, or being the first Democrat ever to be elected to con­secutive terms to the U.S. Senate from Iowa, Tom Harkin is a proven winner.
National Poll:
Tough Harkin-Style Democrat Has Best Chance To Beat Bush
In a recent nationwide poll, a strong "Roosevelt-Truman-Kennedy Democrat who stands up to the big corporations and fights for working people" like Iowa's Senate Tom Harkin was rated the best Democratic candidate to defeat George Bush in the 1992 Presidential race.

According to the survey, a strong Democrat like Harkin appeals to Democrats who deserted their party's candidate for Reagan and Bush in the 1980's and to about a third of Republican voters as well...

Born in Cumming, Iowa (pop. 150)

Graduated from Dowling Catholic High School

Graduated from Iowa State University

Jet pilot, United States Navy

Earned law degree from Catholic University of America.

Elected to the U.S. House of Representatives

Elected to U.S. Senate

First Democrat from Iowa ever elected to consecutive terms to the U.S. Senate

Baptized at St. John's Catholic Church, Cumming, IA...

Navy pilot...

Fighting for working families as U.S. Senator...

With wife Ruth and daughters Amy and Jenny.

We need a Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy Democrat in the White House. Someone who will stand up and fight for working Americans again.

I agree working families need a Democrat in the tradition of Roosevelt, Truman, and Kennedy as President.
Working and middle income Americans need Tom Harkin as President standing up and fighting for us. Especially in economic times like these.
I want to help get Tom elected. Please contact me and let me know what I can do:

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Americans for Harkin,
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