1992 Democratic Presidential Primary

                           Americans for Harkin
NH Pamphlet - 8 1/2" x 11 1/2".

"Our biggest fear is that the Democrats surface with a leader who is able to capitalize on the theme of economic populism."
— National Republican Pollster from The Politics of Rich and Poor

George Bush and the Republicans would love to take on a weak Democrat.
Kerrey's Companies Provide Few With Medical Coverage
Clinton's Tax Policies in Arkansas Favor the Rich
Despite Crisis in the Clinton Camp, Bob Kerrey Is Still Struggling to Connect With the Electorate
BILL CLINTON Arkansas tycoon aids prez hopeful
Tsongas' ...pro-nuke stand
Tsongas endorses nuclear power
Study ranks Arkansas last in job safety
  • If we Democrats think George Bush is going to give us a ''kinder and gentler'' campaign. Think again.
  • The Republicans would love to debate Bill Clinton about whose tax give-away to the rich is better. Or about who has the worst record on protecting working people on the job.
  • The Republicans would love to debate with Paul Tsongas about whose tax give-away to the rich is better. Or about how many more nuclear plants we need to build. Or which candidate is more "pro­ business."
  • The Republicans would love to debate Bob Kerrey about whose tax give-away to the rich is better. Or about his vote in favor Bush's "fast track" to send your job overseas.
  • But the Republicans know that if they have to run against Tom Harkin, they will be forced to defend their favor-the-rich Republican record of unemployment, foreclosures, and trade deficits against a candidate with a record of fighting for working people.
  • That's why they're afraid of Tom Harkin.

Because Tom Harkin's on OUR side.

Tom Harkin Has the Guts to Fight for Working People.

For Your Job.
Tom Harkin will stand up for us against the big corporations that send our good jobs overseas. He's proved it by voting against George Bush's plan to "fast track" your jobs to low wage countries.

Tsongas, Clinton and Kerry all supported George Bush's trade plan to send your job overseas.

For Fair Taxes.
Tom Harkin will say "NO" to more tax breaks for the super-rich. He proved it by proposing a tough tax on millionaires in the U.S. Senate.

Like George Bush—Tsongas, Clinton and Kerrey all favor some form of capital gains tax breaks—tax breaks that you will pay for.

To Win in November, Democrats need a clear choice—a Strong Democrat, Tom Harkin.
This election is not simply about competence. All the Democratic candidates would be better that George Bush.

But to win the White House, and get this country moving again, we Democrats must nominate a candidate who has a proven record of fighting for working Americans. That's Tom Harkin. He's on our side.

TOM HARKIN on our side
New Hampshire's Working Families.

Paid for  by Americans for Harkin, Larry Hawkins, Treasurer.
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