1992 Democratic Presidential Primary

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"Someone Does Have a Plan"
Bill Clinton: The Nation Takes Notice

Clinton Supports Tax Cut
"Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton does not believe soaking the rich should be the operating policy of a Democratic president. But he does think it would make sense to cut taxes for the middle class, perhaps by making wealthy Americans pay more."
- Felice Belman, Concord (N.H.) Monitor,
Nov. 9, 1991

Clinton is Riding a Strong Message
"There is a rough consensus developing in the political community these days that Gov. Bill Clinton of Arkansas has become the leading man in the drama of the campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.
" ... Clinton's smash performance at a meeting of Democratic leaders [in Chicago], coming on the heels of several other cases in which he outshone his rivals, has given him special stature. He has become identified as one candidate with the kind of finely honed mes­sage that has the potential of defeating Presi­dent Bush next year."

- Jack W. Gemond and Jules Witcover,
National Journal, Nov. 30, 1991.

Clinton Connects People With Government
"Of all the Democrats, I find myself impressed most by the political philosophy of Bill Clinton, the governor of Arkansas. To him, the essence of politics lies in its ability to con­nect people – and especially children and families – with government in a way that brings purpose to both."
- Tom Fiedler, The Miami Herald, Nov. 24, 1991

Clinton Could Be a Contender
"Clinton's basic pitch has the sizzle and the substance, we believe, to make him a major contender for the nomination and a major factor in what the Democratic Party stands for. ...
From where we sit, this candidacy is exciting and promising."
- Editorial Staff, The Philadelphia Enquirer,
Oct. 6, 1991

At Least Someone Has a Plan
"Only Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton is close to cobbling together something resembling a coherent economic policy."
-Michael Kramer, Time, Dec. 2, 1991.

Clinton the 'X' Factor
"The 'X' factor in the [South Dakota] state race, and probably in the national competition in general, is Gov. Bill Clinton of Arkansas. People who know Clinton genuinely like the guy."
- David Kranz, Sioux Falls, S.D., Argus Leader, Nov. 10, 1991.

Clinton Capable of Taking On Bush
"Whether Bill Clinton can rescue the party from this self-inflicted silliness is uncertain. But on the basis of personal observation, I think he has the heart, the talent and, yes, the vision for the job. ...
"The most important thing about Clinton isn't the style, though it's consider­able, but the substance, which is more so."
- Edwin Yoder, Washington Post columnist,
Sept. 1, 1991

Clinton Could Be Democrats' Best Hope
"Clinton was doing more at Charlottesville than helping frame future education policy. He was signaling his fellow Democrats they have a young and energetic figure in their midst who under­stands domestic politics and knows it isn't necessary to hang a price tag on every problem or pander to entrenched interests to find a salable, practical solution."
- Paul R. Wieck, Christian Science Monitor, Sept. 12, 1991

Clinton Breaks Away
"You've got to hand it to Bill Clinton. The resourceful, energetic son of Hope and Hot Springs has emerged as the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination."
- John Brummett, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Dec. 5, 1991

Clinton Is the Winner at Chicago Forum
"Gov. Bill Clinton of Arkansas wowed state Democratic Party leaders yesterday, emerging the clear winner in a weekend forum featuring the party's six major presidential candidates.
"Clinton's speech was interrupted repeatedly by applause, and party leaders lined up afterward to question him in detail about his views."

- John King, Associated Press, Nov. 24, 1991.

A Message for America

     "I am running for president because I want our children to grow up in a country that is coming together, not coming apart.
     "This country is headed in the wrong direction fast – slipping behind, losing our way.
     "We need leadership committed to change and progress. Leadership that takes responsibility for solving the real problems our people face today. Leadership that will make tough decisions that will shape the nation our children will inherit.

"I am running for president because I want our children to grow up in a country that is coming together, not coming apart."
     After 12 years of Republican administrations, middle class Americans are spending more hours on the job. They're spending less time with their children. They're bringing home smaller paychecks to pay more for health care and housing and education.
     "They're losing hope that they can ever do any better. Our young people are losing hope that they can even do as well.
     "It is this generation's responsibility to make government work for real people again. To form a new covenant for America: to provide opportunity for all; to demand responsibility for all; and to nurture a greater sense of common pur­pose. Together we can make America great again."
Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton
• 45 years old.
• Married 16 years to the former Hillary Rodham.
• Father of one child, Chelsea, age 11.
• Five-term governor of Arkansas.
• Ranked by fellow governors as the most effective governor in the country.
• Has worked to improve education and increase employment in Arkansas.
• Served as co-chair of the President's Edu­cation Summit with governors.
• Former chairman of the Democratic Lead­ership Council and the National Governors' Association.
• Earned his law degree from Yale Univer­sity, his bachelor's degree from Georgetown University and was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University.

Clinton's New Covenant For Change in America
"The New Covenant is a solemn agreement between the people and their government to provide opportunity for all, inspire responsibility throughout our society and restore a sense of community to this great nation, to take government away from the powerful interests and the bureaucracy and give this country back to ordinary people." 

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