1992 Democratic Presidential Primary

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Putting People First
A National Economic Strategy for America


During the 1980s, our government betrayed the values that make America great: providing opportunity, taking responsibility, rewarding work. While the rich got richer, the forgotten middle class — the people who work hard and play by the rules — took it on the chin. They paid higher taxes to a government that gave them little in return. Washington failed to put people first.

No wonder our nation has compiled its worst economic record in fifty years.
Our political system isn't working either. Washington is dominated by powerful interests and an entrenched bureaucracy. Americans are tired of blame. They are ready for a leader willing to take responsibility.

My national economic strategy puts people first by investing more than $50 billion each year for the next four years while cutting the deficit in half. These investments will create millions of high-wage jobs and help America compete in the global economy.

My strategy includes:

  • Putting America to work by rebuilding our country, converting from a defense to a peacetime economy, revitalizing our cities, encouraging private investment, and opening up world markets.
  • Rewarding work by providing tax fairness to working families, ending welfare as we know it, providing family leave and cracking down on deadbeat parents.
  • Supporting lifetime learning by bringing parents and children together, improving schools, training high school graduates, offering every American the chance to borrow money to go to college and serve our nation, and retraining workers.
  • Providing quality, affordable health care by radically controlling costs, reducing paperwork, phasing in universal access to basic medical coverage, and cracking down on drug manufacturers and insurance companies.
  • Revolutionizing government by cutting 100,000 federal jobs, eliminating wasteful spending, limiting the power of special interests, stopping the revolving door from public service to private enrichment, and reforming campaign finance and practices.
To pay for our investments and reduce the national deficit, I will save nearly $300 billion by cutting spending, closing corporate tax loopholes, and forcing the very wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes. My plan will cut the deficit in half within four years, and assure that it continues to fall each year after that.


Putting America to Work

Rewarding Work and Families

Lifetime Learning

Quality, Affordable Health Care

A Revolution in Government

Table 1: Investment and Savings

Table 2: Deficit Projections

Table 3: Breakdown of Savings

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