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"A Commitment to Opportunity for All"

"When it comes down to issues of civil rights, this man is one of the greatest in America."
– L.H. Ford
Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ
Your Rights to Civil Rights
"For 12 years, the Republicans have been telling us that America's problems aren't their problem. They have tried to divide us — race against race — so we get mad at each other and not at them. They want us to look at each other across a racial divide so we don't turn and look to the White House and ask, Why are all of our incomes going down? Why are all of us losing jobs? Why are we losing our future?
     I believe that America's future shall not be lost, that its future and the future of its people in fact can be better. And that each of us has a personal, moral responsibility to make it so.
     That future will be based on opportunity for all — the opportunity to learn, the oppor­tunity to work, the opportunity to lead happy, healthy and productive lives. The opportunity to make America a better place for our children, and our children's children. Together we can mold such a future."
Bill Clinton: An Agenda for America
Education equals economic development. We can only be a high-wage, high-growth coun­try if we are a high-skills country.

My education program begins with a comprehensive preschool program for every child who needs it, and fully funding Head Start.

It also includes training young people for high-wage jobs, not dead-end ones. In a
Clinton Administration we'll have a national apprentice­ship program that will enable high school stu­dents who aren't bound for college to enter a course of study, to teach them valuable skills, with the promise of a real job with growing income when they graduate.

We must challenge our students with a system of voluntary national service. As Presi­dent, I'll ask Congress to establish a trust fund out of which any American can borrow money for a college education, so long as they pay it back either as a small percentage of their income over time or with a couple of years of national service as teachers, police officers, child care workers — doing work our country urgently needs.

We need a New Covenant for economic change, a new economics that empowers people, rewards work and organizes America to compete again.

• We must put economic opportunity in the hands of ordinary people, to help the poor work their way out of poverty. We'll make work pay by expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit for the working poor, and by supporting plans to give low-income entrepre­neurs the tools to start new businesses.

We must break the cycle of dependency and put an end to permanent dependence on welfare as a way of life by really invest­ing in the development of poor people and giving them the means and the incentives to work.

We must let working Americans keep more of what they earn by cutting taxes for middle- and lower-income Americans while asking the rich to pay a fairer share.

If we're serious about making government work for everyone we must reinvent the way we deliver health care in this country. We spend 30 percent more than any other country on health care and do less with it.

In the first year of the Clinton administration, Congress and I will deliver quality, affordable health care for all Americans. I will work to control costs, improve quality, expand preventive and long-term care, maintain consumer choice and cover every single American.

We could do that with the money we're already spending ... if we had the courage to demand insurance reform and slash health care bureaucracies ... if we stopped drug prices from going up three times the rate of inflation.

We don't need to reduce the quality of health care. We need to restructure the system. And no nation has ever done it without a government that took the lead.

Equal Opportunity in Action
During Bill Clinton's 11 years as governor of Arkansas he has: 

Named a significant number of African Americans to his staff since 1983, many of whom have worked for him for years. African Americans currently com­prise 22 percent of the governor's staff.

Appointed more African Americans to major state boards, commissions and judicial posts, including the Arkansas Supreme Court, than any governor in Arkansas history.

Created the Division of Minority Business Development, which has given $6.1 million in assistance to minority­-controlled businesses in Arkansas and offers regular financial advice.

Increased the dollar amount of State Highway Department contracts with African American contractors nearly five-­fold.

Invested more than $19 million in­ predominantly African American commu­nities for improving streets, housing, fire protection, parks and sewer projects.

Reduced the number of unemployed African Americans – both adults and youth –    by 24 percent from 1983 to 1991.

• Invested $250,000 in the University of Arkansas-Pine Bluffs small business
incubator to create a structure of economic opportunity for African Americans.

Played a leadership role in sponsoring programs to commemorate the birth­day of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
"We need a spirit of community, a sense that we are all in this together."
– Bill Clinton

United We Stand

     ''We need a President who will take respon­sibility for getting this country moving again. A President who will provide the leadership to pull us together.
     For 12 years we've had no economic vision, no economic leadership. That's why I'm offer­ing a new approach to economics.
     Economics as if people are really  impor­tant. Because if hard-working Americans are offered no hope for the future, no solutions to their problems, no relief for their pain, then fear and insecurity will grow, and the politics of hate and division will spread.
     If we do not act to bring this country together in common cause to build a better future, David Duke and his kind will be able to divide and destroy our nation. Our streets will get meaner, our families will be devastated, and our very social fabric will will be be torn apart.''
Bill Clinton
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