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A Closer Look At President George Bush's Economic Growth Agenda And What It Means To You


On Tuesday, January 28, 1992, President George Bush outlined a Growth Agenda during his annual State of the Union Address. It is a detailed plan of action to get the U.S. and New Hampshire economy moving and keep it moving.

President Bush has offered a sound plan that will work, but only if Congress acts. That is why he has given Congress a deadline of March 20 to prove that it is above special interests and partisan politics by passing his growth plan.

Tax relief, job creation, economic growth, expanding investment opportunity, increasing trade, and strengthening the American family are all key elements of his plan.

By working together and putting the future of our nation above petty politics, we won the Cold War and the Gulf War.

Now, President Bush is seeking the help of the American people to apply the same broad spirit of national unity and determination to meet our challenges here at home.
The President's agenda, as you will see in the following pages, has three main goals:

1. Spur Economic Growth and Create Jobs.
2. Provide Tax Relief.
3. Strengthen American Families. Please join President Bush in supporting the plan to get the economy moving again and help America lead the world of the future.

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A Plan To Strengthen New Hampshire's Families

President and Mrs. Bush have long put their  love of family at the center of their own lives. As parents and grandparents, they understand the importance of a strong family, guided by old-fashioned values and principle.
That is why President Bush has proposed a plan to strengthen New Hampshire's families so that dreams can become reality.

INVESTING IN OUR CHILDREN. In addition to a $500 increase in the tax exemption for dependent children, the President's budget proposes $2.8 billion in funding for Head Start, which includes the largest increase in the program's history. If passed, the pre­school program would serve more than 779,000 low­-income children, including all eligible four-year olds.

President Bush has announced that he will propose a plan to reform our health care system that would:
1. Make basic health care insurance affordable for low-income people not now covered, through a transferable health insurance credit of up to $3,750 per family.
2. Help middle-class Americans pay for health insurance with a tax deduction.
3. Provide insurance security for workers moving between jobs.
4. Bring costs under control.
5. Fight proposals that would lead to health ration­ing, limit individual choice or undermine the high quality of health care that Americans expect and deserve.
More details of the President's plan will be outlined soon.

President Bush has stated that "we must revolution­ize American schools," and how we care for our children outside the schools. His State of the Union plan again emphasizes the importance of parental choice proposals contained in his America 2000 strategy.
Since it was launched in April 1991, New Hampshire and 29 other states and over 1,000 communities have joined the America 2000 crusade to help move the country community-by-community toward the six national education goals.

ALLOW THE DEDUCTION OF INTEREST ON STUDENT LOANS. President Bush has proposed allowing families to deduct the interest they pay on student loans.

President Bush's plan for building strong neighbor­hoods supports his serious, all-out assault on crime and drug abuse. Violent crime, says President Bush, "saps our strength and hurts our faith in our society and our future together."
The proposed Comprehensive Violent Crime Control Act's key elements include:
•  An enforcable Federal death penalty.
•  Reform of habeas corpus procedures.
•  Reform of the exclusionary rule.
•  Toughens penalties for crimes committed with a firearm.
"We must strengthen the family -­- because it is the family that has the greatest bearing on our future."

A Plan To Spur Economic Growth And Create Jobs For New Hampshire
To create more jobs and economic opportunity for the people of New Hampshire and all of America, President Bush has offered a sweeping plan to keep Americans working and put those out of a job back on the payrolls.
The President believes that the primary way to overcome this downturn in the economy is by promoting job growth.
Here are some of President Bush's job-creating initiatives:

To encourage investment for a more competitive America, President Bush proposed a permanent exclusion of up to 45 percent of the capital gain on the sale of an asset, resulting in a maximum tax rate on long-term gains of approximately 15%. The goal is to spur new investment and the creation of new small businesses that will mean jobs for New Hampshire. Sixty percent of Americans who would benefit from the cut have incomes of $50,000 or less.
The goal is to spur new investments and the creation of new small businesses that will mean jobs for New Hampshire.

The President proposed $76.5 billion in R&D funding to expand knowledge in biotechnology, ma­terials science and high performance computing. The President has also proposed to make permanent the 20% research and experimentation tax credit. You can be certain that New Hampshire -- as one of the nation's R&D leaders -- will be a beneficiary of the new jobs created from this initiative.

ENTERPRISE ZONES. Nearly three years ago, President Bush first called upon Congress to pass his Enterprise Zones legislation. The Enterprise Zones initiative would target tax incentives and regulatory relief to some hard-hit areas. This will, in tum, spur investment and the creation of new jobs in those areas that need them the most.

ALLEVIATING THE CREDIT CRUNCH. The President is continuing his efforts to ensure that creditworthy businesses and individuals have access to funds for productive investments. Federal agen­cies will take the following steps to increase the availability of capital in New Hampshire:
•  The FDIC will speed implementation of a new premium system for deposit insurance. This will allow healthy banks to pay lower premiums, thus helping to generate new lending ..
•  The Securities and Exchange Commission will soon propose rules that will help small businesses obtain capital from the securities markets.
•  Federal agencies will remove certain asset restric­tions in order to make it easier for banks and thrifts to raise new capital for lending.

ACCELERATING PRO-GROWTH INITATIVES. Presiden Bush has directed cabinet Departments and agencies to get funds from the new Highway Bill and other pro-growth initiatives into the economy as quickly as possible. This should put an extra $10 billion into creating jobs over the next six months.

EXPANDING TRADE AND OPENING MARKETS FOR AMERICAN EXPORTS. In New Hampshire, over 35,000 jobs are linked to interna­tional trade. Imagine the devastation to New Hamp­shire had isolationist or protectionist trade policies been enacted. President Bush has proposed several steps to guarantee our future by opening and expanding markets for American products around the world. Open markets mean expanded exports, greater profits and new jobs. At Cabletron in Roch­ester, for example, 300 jobs would be lost if it weren't for foreign demand.

When businesses invest, that means jobs. President Bush has proposed an investment tax allowance and other stpes that will encourgae New Hampshire businesses to modernize and expand.

MODIFYING PASSIVE LOSS RULES THAT HURT THE REAL ESTATE MARKET. President Bush proposed allowing developers actively en­gaged in the real estate business to off-set non-rental income with rental losses from properties they developed.
"In New Hampshire, over 35,000 jobs are linked to international trade. Imagine the devastation to the New Hampshire economy had isolationist or protectionist trade policies been enacted."

A Plan To Provide Tax Relief For The People Of New Hampshire

•  $300 increase in the average worker's take-home pay through changes in federal tax withholding

•  $500 increase in personal exemption for each dependent child

•  $5,000 tax-credit for first-time home buyers

•  $10,000 to $20,000 penalty-free withdrawal from IRAs for first-time homebuyers

Times are tough here in New Hampshire. You know it, and so does President Bush.. To help the economic recovery, the President has offered some bold initiatives that will:
•  Stimulate the economy;
•  Help put more money in the pockets of taxpayers;
•  Restore consumer confidence; and,
•  Keep interest rates and inflation down.

TAX CREDIT OF $5,000 FOR FIRST-TIME HOMEBUYERS. President Bush has proposed a tempo­rary tax credit for first-time homebuyers of 10% of the purchase price of a home, up to a maximum of $5,000. The tax credit would be ef­fective for homes purchased between February and December 1992.

REFORM FEDERAL INCOME TAX WITH-HOLDING. The President has ordered the Treasury Department to adjust IRS withholding tables to reduce the amount of over-withholding on low- and middle-income wage earners, if they choose. This change will increase take-home pay by $300, on average, for more than 90 million wage earners. Increases will range from around $175 for single individuals to more than $600 for two-income families.
This change will increase wage earners' take-home pay by about $25 billion in 1992-93.
The change would be permanent because over­-withholding has crept into the system over time.
RAISE THE PERSONAL EXEMPTION FOR CHILDREN. To help families with children, Presi­dent Bush has proposed a $500 increase in the ex­emption for each dependent child.

SOUND MONETARY POLICY. The President will continue to support monetary policy that keeps both interest rates and inflation down.

President Bush has proposed to waive the 10 percent penalty for withdrawals from Individual Retirement Accounts for first-time homebuyers. Amounts of up to $10,000 could be withdrawn from an IRA for a first-time home purchase. If both spouses have IRAs, each can make withdrawals, so the total can be as high as $20,000.

ALLOW IRAs TO BE USED FOR MEDICAL AND EDUCATIONAL EXPENSES. The President has proposed allowing penalty-free withdrawal of IRA funds for qualifying medical and educational expenses.

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