1992 Republican Presidential Primary

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America's Growth Agenda
President George Bush

"We're going to set the economy free, for if we can change the world, we can change America. It's time Congress rediscovered a 'home truth' the American people have never forgotten:
This government is too big and spends too much."

"This is my plan. Your part, members of Congress, requires enactment of these common sense proposals that will have a strong effect on the economy — without breaking the budget, and without raising taxes. I am asking you to pass it by March 20th. And I ask the American people to let you know they want this action by that date."
President George Bush
January 25, 1992

With those bold words, President George Bush challenged Congress to act swiftly to
enact his Economic Growth Agenda and reignite America's economic engine to create jobs. The President's plan clears away the obstacles to growth: high taxes, high regulation, red tape and most importantly ... wasteful government spending.
The President's plan is straightforward and decisive:

*  Cap the growth of uncontrolled government spending, saving $125 billion.

*  Eliminate 246 unnecessary federal programs, terminating 4,000 needless
projects and saving almost $5 billion.

* Cut spending for 84 more government programs, saving taxpayers another $8.1 billion.

* Give the President the Line Item Veto (the same authority 43 governors have), putting a stop to Congress' pork-barrel spending.

"Far more important than politics is the well being of our country. I am doing what I think is right; I am proposing what I know will help.''

President Bush's Growth Agenda
A Call to Action. A Plan for Recovery.

President Bush presented a plan to Congress that will work—without the big government spending that has failed us before.
President Bush is fed up with Congress' inaction. Runaway growth in government spending is strangling our Nation's economy, costing American jobs, and destroying incentives to save and invest. The President proposed specific actions Congress must take immediately to ensure economic recovery.

Welfare Reform
President Bush believes when able-bodied adults receive government assistance, they have a responsibility to hold their families together and refrain from having children out of wedlock. A responsibility to obey the law. The President will expedite waivers helping states to reform the welfare system and make it more accountable to the taxpayers.

"The only test of an economic plan is this: Is it sound and will it work?"

Tax Reductions ... Across the Board. 

Family Tax Relief

To ease the tax burden on families, President Bush proposes raising the personal exemption by $500 per child for every family. The President's proposal will also allow families to deduct the interest they pay on student loans, and use their IRA funds to pay medical and education expenses without penalties.
Investment Incentives

To encourage businesses to expand, accelerate investment in new equipment, and create jobs, the President called on Congress to change the Alternative Minimum Tax and create a new 15% investment tax allowance.
Capital Gains Tax Cut
Congress must stop grandstanding on the capital gains tax cut. Sixty-percent of the people who benefit from lower capital gains have income under $50,000. Cutting the Capital Gains Tax will increase jobs and help the majority of Americans.

Increasing Property Values
A strong real estate market has led our economy out of recession time and again. President Bush proposes bold actions to jump start the real estate market, increase property values, and put people back to work.
The President has proposed modifying the 'Passive Loss Rule' for active real estate developers and making it easier for pension plans to purchase real estate. This will encourage investment in real estate and create jobs.
First Time Homebuyers
The President's plan provides a double incentive for first time homebuyers. IRA's can be used, without penalty, to purchase a home. First time homebuyers will also receive a tax credit of up to $5,000.

Affordable Health Care
The President is committed to all Americans having access to quality health care without increased government spending, higher taxes, or any cut in Medicare benefits. His plan pro­vides insurance security for all Americans; a health insurance tax credit up to $3,750 for those with low income and a health insurance tax deduction for middle-income Americans; regulatory reforms that will reduce administrative costs; reforms to allow small businesses and individuals to participate in less expensive group policies; and reduces the cost of malpractice insurance.

Creating Jobs
America's world leadership has always meant peace and freedom. Today, it also means jobs and growth. Those who preach protectionism may sound seductive, but the real answer is opening new markets, not closing our borders.

"My long term proposal is the heart of the matter. For it  is not enough to get an immediate burst — we need long term improvement in our economy.''

Investing in Our Future
President Bush brought together the Nation's first conference of Governors committed to improving our schools.
Preparing Our Children to Compete
The workplace of the future will demand more highly skilled workers than ever before. President Bush's America 2000 strategy will make the United States the world's leader in education. Our children will be prepared to compete when their parents are given more choice, their teachers are given more flexibility, and our communities are allowed to create New American Schools.

Safer Neighborhoods
President Bush's Comprehensive Crime Bill provides for a major renewed investment in fighting violent street crime. It is tough on criminals, and supportive of our police. For nearly three years, the President's Crime Bill has languished in Congress, while many law abiding citizens are held captive in their homes, afraid to walk the streets at night.

"It's true anyone who changes his or her life because of crime—from those afraid to go out at night to those afraid to walk in the parks they pay for—surely these people have been denied a basic right. It's time to restore it."

President Bush has challenged Congress to act by March 20th on his Economic Growth Agenda. The plan, contained in these pages, will bring government spending under control, lower taxes, create new jobs, and restore Americans' confidence.
But the President is not waiting for Congress.
President Bush said he'd take resolute action to rekindle our economy and help those who are out of work, and has taken the following executive actions:

* Directed the Secretary of the Treasury to reform the federal tax withholding tables. This will pump an extra $25 billion into the economy over the next year, and will be a $300 increase in take-home pay for 90 million wage-earners.

* Instituted a 90 day regulatory review in which regulators will accelerate programs that ensure growth and modify or reveal those that hinder growth.

* Instructed government agencies to take regulatory steps that will ease the credit crunch in the banking industry and make new funds available for lending.

Directed federal agencies to speed up distribution of highway funds and other pro-growth expenditures, which will put an extra $10 billion into the economy in the next six months.

The President also asked Congress to extend Emergency Unemployment Compensation to authorize all states to pay an additional thirteen weeks of benefits.

Now Congress must act. Send a strong message to Congress: Get to work and pass the President's Economic Growth Agenda.

Vote for President George Bush.

"We are still the freest and strongest Nation on earth.
And we have always risen to the occasion. We are going to lift this Nation out of hard times and those who would stop us had best step aside."
For Jobs, Peace, and America's Future.
President George Bush.

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Washington, D.C. 20005

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