1992 Republican Presidential Primary

Buchanan for President


Brochure (NH) - 8 3/8" x 5 1/2".

If you want to vote for a real Republican in November — You have to support a real Republican on primary day.

Real Republicans are supposed to stand for something.

Limited government. Lower taxes.

Economic opportunity.

Growth. Freedom. A better tomorrow.

It's what makes us Republicans.

It's what makes us different from Democrats.

What have we gotten from George Bush?

A decline in the buying power of the American family.

A record tax increase. Runaway deficits.

A bloated bureaucracy. More regulation.

And for a lot of Americans a promise that tomorrow is going to be a lot tougher than it was today.

That's not what Republicans are supposed to stand for.

It's not what Republican Presidents are supposed to do.

And George Bush has not been what Republican Presidents are supposed to be.

On primary day, vote for Pat Buchanan.

Because if New Hampshire Republican don't vote for a real Republican, the rest of America will never get the chance.

Paid for by Buchanan For President, Scott B. Mackenzie, Treasurer.


An 8-point plan to put America First...and keep America First.

  • An immediate freeze on Federal hiring, Federal spending and Federal pay hikes.
  • Cut taxes on investment, savings and income.
  • Aggressive use of a line item veto to fight wasteful Federal spending.
  • A trade policy that is both free and fair. The Japanese understand one thing and one thing only. Winning. A President must be as tough with the Japanese as they have been with us.
  • Keep America the strongest nation on earth. We must recognize that not all nations wish America well. We must be able and willing to respond to those who would destroy our way of life.
  • A budget that rebuilds America before it rebuilds foreign nations.
  • A real fight with Congress on taxes and spending. And a promise that "no" means "no" and not "maybe".
  • A pledge that "no new taxes" means "no new taxes".