1992 Republican Presidential Primary

       Buchanan for President

Brochure -
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Putting and Keeping America First


* Put America First *

1. Phase Out Foreign Aid. Americans will always be first at the scene to help the victims of natural disaster, from Kurdistan to Peru. But the steady siphoning of $300 million in foreign aid — every single week — from a depleted U.S. Treasury, by Third World and socialist regimes, must end. Charity begins at home.

2. Play Hardball in Trade Talks. We believe in Free and Fair Trade — with na­tions that practice Free and Fair Trade. No more unilateral concessions. We will de­mand reciprocity. Nations that adopt a closed-door policy to America's exports should not expect an open-door policy to America's markets.

3. Defend America First. For half a century, Americans fought the Cold War against Communism, investing thou­sands of precious lives and trillions of dollars in that great struggle. We won that victory for all mankind. Now, it is time that rich and prosperous allies, like Ger­many and Japan, start paying the bills for their own defense.

* Make America First *

4. Cut Tax Rates. We will fight for cuts in federal tax rates on investment, saving and income alike, to make America the most attractive economic climate in the industrial world, and to create millions of new jobs, right here in the United States.

5. Veto Tax Hikes. We will keep the promises George Bush broke. Any con­gressional tax increase (or pay hike) will be vetoed and stopped dead in its tracks.
6. Freeze Federal Spending. Under George Bush, social spending has soared faster than at any time in 60 years, and America has run the largest deficits in her history. Instead of down-sizing General Motors, we should down-size the federal bureaucracy.

7. Keep America Strong. In a still-dan­gerous world, America's armed forces must remain first on land, sea, in the air, and in space. We will build a missile de­fense for the U.S.A. But, we must also become first in industry, manufacturing and standard of living, if we are to remain a force for good in the world.

* Keep America First *

8. Equal Justice.
If discrimination is wrong when practiced against black men and women, it is wrong when practiced against any man or woman. All quotas in federal agencies and programs will be abolished-and the ideas of excel­lence and merit will be restored.

9. Limit Terms for Politicians. We must rescue America from the profes­sional political class, and its allied army of lobbyists, cronies and registered agents of influence, who control our capital city. If eight years is long enough for a great pres­ident, it is long enough for a mediocre congressman.

10. Restore America the Beautiful. Just as we must protect and preserve America's natural beauty, so, too, we will take the side of our families and commu­nities in cleaning up the pollution of America's popular culture. We will fight for a constitutional amendment to restore voluntary prayer in the public schools — ­and we will lead the Fight For Life in the Congress and the federal courts.

Putting and Keeping America First


Friends, our beloved country has come to a critical crossroads.

Together, we have just won a great victory for all mankind in the Cold War. But, our great industrial base is disintegrating; our economy is deep in recession and debt; national morale is falling; and three-in-four Americans believe we are on the wrong track.

We need a new leadership of confidence and ideas.

Our resolve is to put America First, to make America First again, and to keep America First. For 50 years, we have liberated, de­fended, and aided nations all over the world. It was the right and just thing to do. But, now, we must begin to look out for the forgotten Americans right here in the United States.

Our great manufacturing base needs to be re-tooled and restored; our economy needs to be revived; our society needs to be healed; and our people need to become one again. We need to revive the old ideas of traditional values, individual responsibility, limited government and economic freedom, if we are to become that great force for good in the world in the 21st century that we were in the 20th.

We can do it.

We are the sons and daughters of the men and women who brought America through the Great Depression, and crushed Fascism in Europe and Asia. We ourselves won the global Cold War with Stalin's empire. And with God's Help, we can hand down to the next generation a country as great and grand and good as the one that our parents gave to us.

Will you join us?

_YES! I support Pat Buchanan for President. We need new leadership to put America First.
_I'd like to volunteer. Here's how I want to help Pat Buchanan:
_Volunteer recruitment
_Door-to-door canvassing
_Work at campaign headquarters (mailings, phone banks, etc.)
_Fund raising
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_I want to contribute. Here's my check for $ ____ made payable to "Buchanan for President."

(No corporate checks please; $1,000 maximum donation per person.)

Buchanan For President 8130 Boone Boulevard Suite 110 Vienna; VA 22182
Paid for by Buchanan For President, Scott B. Mackenzie, Treasurer.
(703) 790-9292

Brochure -
opens 11" x 8 1/2"

This is very similar to the above brochure with the following differences:

-Printed on thick paper.

-On the front is a wider cropped photo of Buchanan, showing his arms and hands.

-On the front a second logo replaces the "Putting and Keeping America First" slogan.

-Inside body text is black rather than blue.

-Inside "Put America First," "Make America First," "Keep America First" and "Putting and Keeping America First" are in all caps.