1992 Republican Presidential Primary

                 Buchanan for President

NH Flyer - 8 1/2" x 11"

Vote Buchanan for President

Only Pat Buchanan is 100% Pro-Life.

Of the major candidates:

• Only Pat Buchanan defends the full personhood of every unborn child.

• Only Pat Buchanan stands for the full pro-life position of the Republican Party Platform.

• Only Pat Buchanan will use the full power of the presidency to plead the cause of the innocent unborn Child.

Vote Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro American - All The Way
"I stand side-by-side with my husband on this issue. We are both 100% Pro-Life."
– Shelley Buchanan

"If I am elected President, I would make a major Presidential address and state to the American people my view.
It's the greatest moral issue since abolition and a political leader has obligation to speak to it."
– Patrick J. Buchanan

Vote Buchanan for President on February 18

The children can't vote, but you can.

Save America's Children...            ...Prosperity will Follow.

"The greatest destroyer of peace today is the crime against the innocent unborn child."
– Mother Theresa accepting the Nobel Peace Prize

Today, Pat Buchanan is the children's hope.

The Children Can't Vote – But You Can!

Paid for by Buchanan for President, Scott Mackenzie, F.A.      Distributed by pro-life citizens.

Your Pro-Life Vote Is CRUCIAL!