1992 Democratic Presidential Primary

                           Brown for President
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On the day he won Connecticut, Jerry Brown addresses a rally near City Hall in New York.   
The Spirit of '92

Two centuries ago, when this nation's founders gathered at Independence Hall in Philadelphia to make the break with England, their movement became known as the Spirit of '76. Eleven years later, they regathered in the same building to draft the U.S. Constitution, the freedoms charter that begins with the stirring phrase "We the People ... "

On a glowing autumn day in 1991, former California Governor Edmund G. "Jerry" Brown Jr. stood outside historic, red-brick Independence Hall to launch his "We the People" grassroots campaign for the presidency, seeking to "take back America" from the powerful forces of greed and corruption that have caused many of this country's serious problems and continue to block fresh solutions.

Under a Brown Administration, progressive reforms and innovations would take place on a pace unseen since Franklin Delano Roosevelt's presidency during another time of great hardship and crisis, the Great Depression of the 1930s. On the economy, the environment, energy, education, workers, cities--you name it--Brown has the record of solid achievements, the heartfelt compassion, and the open-mindedness to innovative ideas to be a leader who will make the United States a much better place to live.

In the months since his announcement speech, Jerry Brown has brought his message to lots of ordinary people across the land, and growing numbers of Americans have been impressed and inspired to join his effort.

Here's some of what Brown told the crowd in Philadelphia back on 21 October 1991, and on other occasions: [...continues]


1   The Spirit of '92
2   Charley Reese Column
2   How You Can Help
2   Primaries/Caucuses
3   Who Is Jerry Brown?
3   Letting His Record Speak
4   Issue by Issue: Economy
5   Issue by Issue: Domestic Affairs
7   Issue by Issue: Environment
8   Issue by Issue: Politics
9   Issue by Issue: Civil Liberties
9   Issue by Issue: Foreign Policy
10   The Many Faces of Bill Clinton
10   Quotes to Note about Bill Clinton
11   The Arkansas Miracle?
12   Black Holes and Brown-Bashing

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