1992 Democratic Presidential Primary

                           Brown for President
Flyer - 5 1/2" x 8 1/2".

New Yorkers Won't Fall for Bill Clinton's Big Lie
Jerry Brown
Speaks Out on Tax Reform
"Clinton knows he can't attack me for my stand on Israel. He knows he can't attack me for my support of Social Security. So he invents another big lie. He attacks my program to simplify the tax structure and make it as fair and as equitable and as simple as possible, and that's the issue: the Big Lie of Clinton or a tax system that will work for every American."

We've got a tax code that goes on for thousands of pages and has been paid for by campaign contributions that have fed a greedy elite that has stood by while this city suffers and millions of Americans go without health care and decent wages. If you like the present tax code and the elite that maintains it, then you vote for Clinton, you vote for Bush. But if you want to take this tax code and throw it in the garbage can, then you vote for me."

"We are in a battle with a very cynical campaign, a cam­paign that will lie, that will manipulate, that will do any­thing to keep its power. What we're seeing now is a system that would rather bounce checks, raise their pay in the middle of the night, and bail out the S&Ls, than give rev­enue sharing to New York, block grants, income support, and make this country live again. That's what this cam­paign is about. It's about We the People Taking It Back!"

– Governor Jerry Brown at Union Square, March 28, 1992

We The People Take Back America
[union bug]

"The US Tax Code is 4,000 Pages Long. How Many Pages
Were Written For You?"
-Jerry Brown

With Jerry Brown's Flat Tax Reform
• Individuals deduct rent or mortgage payments, and gifts to charity. They pay only 13% on income from all sources except Social Security and unemployment benefits. They pay no US value-added or sales tax -no retail tax at all.
• Businesses pay 13% on net income. They deduct 100% of new investments in the first year, promoting job creation and invest­ment in new plant and equipment, not 3 martini lunches and executive perks.
• Contributions to the Social Security Trust Fund will be paid from general revenues, not from the current 6.2% FICA tax which hits working people hardest because it is capped at $55,000.

In 1950, businesses paid 49% of US taxes, individuals paid 51%. Now individuals pay 82%, corporations 18%.
Jerry Brown's tax plan makes corporations pay their fair share so individuals can pay less.

Vote Real Tax Reform
Vote Jerry Brown for President
April 7 New York Primary

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