1992 Democratic Presidential Primary

                           Brown for President
Flyer - 8 1/2" x 11".


"Jerry Brown has done more for working men and women than any Governor in California's history.''        —John Henning
Executive Secretary-Treasurer,
California Labor Federation, AFL-C/O
From 1975-1983, Edmund G. Brown Jr. served as Governor of California. During these eight years, Brown and organized labor together achieved the following record:

-  Created the historic Agriculture Labor Relations Act, which provided for representative elections in seven days (2 days if ½ of the work force goes out on strike). The law also provided for a powerful Make Whole remedy, and permitted secondary boycotts under specified conditions.

-  Signed into law collective bargaining rights for all state employes, state college and university faculty, local government employees, and employees and teachers of all California public schools.

-  Agency Shop for state and local government.

-  Blocked repeated attempts to weaken Prevailing Rates in the building trades of California.


-  Dramatically expanded apprenticeships and successfully fought off non­-union employer efforts to create parallel programs.

-  Extended unemployment insurance to farm workers, public employees, and domestic workers.

-  Provided disability benefits for pregnancy.


-  Signed first Right to Know laws to protect workers against toxic substances in the work place.

-  Banned toxic substances such as DBCP in the face of federal government foot dragging and led the nation in worker protection.
-  Abolished tip credit for culinary workers.

-  Protected item pricing in supermarkets and saved tens of thousands of jobs.

-  Banned hiring of professional strikebreakers.

-  Curbed the use of temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions in strike situations.

-  Enacted successor clause for labor agreements.

-  Promoted major public works programs including water treatment plants and new state buildings.

-  Appointed over 80 labor leaders to key state positions.

Forged historic compromise between AFL-CIO and environmentalists to make permanent environmental protection of California's coast.

During Jerry Brown's governorship more than 2 million jobs were created in the state of California – 25% of the new jobs created in the entire nation.

BROWN FOR PRESIDENT, 2121 CLOVERFIELD, #120, SANTA MONICA, CA 90104, (213) 449-1992.

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