1992 Democratic Presidential Primary

       Brown for President
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Washington, DC

Vote for Brown

May 5, 1992

District Statehood
  • Fully supports statehood for the District of Columbia.
• Balanced seven consecutive California budgets.
• Created 2.2 million new jobs in California, one of every four jobs in the U.S.
• Doubled California's exports.
• "Jerry Brown has done more for the working men and women than any Governor in California's history." -AFL-CIO
chart: Projected Change in Number of Jobs
SOURCE: National Center for Policy Analysis, Dallas, Texas
Projected jobs created by each presidential candidate.


• Doubled general college funding and tripled the kindergarten to high school budget.
• Toughened high school graduation standards.
• "The purpose of education is not to produce a new generation of robots ... Education should be broadly based in literature, art, music, and sci­ence." -J. BROWN

As governor, led the nation in creating and enforcing clean-air laws, enacting legislation to curb toxic wastes, and promoting environmen­tal awareness. Favors clean renewable alternate energy sources; i.e. wind, solar, cogeneration, geothermal. Proposes an American Conserva­tion Corps, similar to an "environmental Peace Corps."

Family Issues
At the heart of my campaign is a Family Bill of Rights with this commitment: Every person has the right to a living wage. Every person has the right to health care. Every person has the right to shelter. Every person has the right to an educa­tion. Every person has the right to be free from economic insecurity in their old age. That's my commitment — and if you join it, it will be our commitment. And it will be done." -J. BROWN

Gay /Lesbian Rights

• As governor, repealed criminal penalties from private sexual acts between consent­ing adults.
• Signed executive order banning discrim­ination based on sexual orientation.
• Favors passage of the "Gay Rights" bill.

Health Care
Governor Brown favors a single payer, Fed­erally funded system, a national health insur­ance program with universal access, for all Americans. Such a system has proved extreme­ly successful in Canada, where approximately five hundred dollars less per capita is spent on health care than here in the United States.


Recognizes that homelessness is a complex problem one that can only be dealt with by addressing all the individual issues: available housing and jobs, alcohol and drug depen­dency, and mental health care.

Minority Issues
Governor Brown significantly increased the role of minorities in California's state govern­ment. He appointed 435 African-Americans, 549 Hispanics, 287 Asian-Americans, and 46 Native Americans to government positions. He also appointed the first Hispanic and African­American state Supreme Court justices.

Senior Citizens
Governor Brown created Multipurpose Se­nior Service Project pilot programs to provide information on care and resources to allow peo­ple to stay at home rather than be placed in in­stitutions. He also banned mandatory retirement for public and private employees.

• Reduced taxes, moving California from the state with the 4th highest tax rates to the one with the 23rd highest.
• Favors a fair, simple flat true rate to eliminate true loopholes and boost the economy.
• "The tax code is a veritable feast of fund-rais­ing, corruption, lobbying, and activities — a money-maker for the people ... in Congress." -J. BROWN

Women's Rights
• Increased child care funding by 1,000%.
• Named women to nearly one third of appointed posts.
• On abortion, '"I support the right of a woman to make this decision totally free from any pressure or inducement from the federal government. " -J. BROWN

Jerry Brown's Qualifications

Edmund G. "Jerry" Brown Jr., the son of former California governor Edmund G. Brown, was born on April 7, 1938. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California at Berkeley in 1961 and graduated from Yale Law School in 1964.

In 1970 he was elected Secretary of State of Cal­ifornia. As Secretary of State, Brown tightened cam­paign disclosure laws, authored a ballot measure that limited that amount lobbyists could spend en­tertaining politicians, and established a Fair Politi­cal Practices Commission.

Brown was elected to two terms as Governor of California, serving from 1974 to 1982. As gover­nor, he emphasized environmental protection, in­novative technology development, and educational reform. During his tenure, California became the world leader in developing solar, wind and cogener­ation technologies.

He dramatically expanded the role of women and minorities in state government and created the highly successful California Conservation Corps, which has trained and provided jobs for 50,000 young men and women. Brown expanded the role of the state government, yet reduced taxes and ve­toed billions of dollars of proposed spending. For eight years of Brown's time as governor, the state budget was balanced!

Brown has traveled widely in Mexico and Asia. He lived and studied six months in Japan and visit­ed political leaders in China and the Soviet Union. In India, he worked as a volunteer with Mother Ter­esa at the Home for the Dying and Destitute.


Brown Delegate List
Washington, DC

1 Michael A. Beer
1 Robert Andrew Ford
2 Lisa Mosczynski
2 June Perrone
2 Rick Swentek
2 Robinson Jones, III
6 Jenefer Ellingston

3 Howard Taske
4 Dolores T. Floyd
4 Betsy Lehrfeld
4 John C. Floyd, III
4 Daniel Blum
5 Vincent Orange

Your Vote Counts
A vote for Jerry Brown is a vote far yourself, the District, and against special interests. Brown has repeatedly denounced the special interests which control presidential campaigns and therefore only accepts campaign contributions up to $100.
Don't let the media choose your next president.
Vote for the candidate with the best proven record on AIDS research, crime prevention, the environ­ment, and education.

Vote for the candidate who will do the most for you, this city and this country.
On May 5, vote for Jerry Brown.

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