1992 Democratic Presidential Primary

                           Brown for President

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Is America's covenant with our children to be broken?
Volume 1    Issue 1

"The final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands".

From The Diary of Anne Franck

Former California Governor Jerry Brown as a volunteer at Mother Teresa's Home for the Dying in Calcutta, carrying a dying man.

The Case for Change
Americans Feel Their Country is in Decline and Out of Their Control ...

Our democracy has been taken over by a greedy and incompetent Alliance—big campaign donors, lobbyists, and corporate executives, who pay themselves 100 times more than their workers whose jobs, pay and health care they have sacri­ficed .. Without shame they are driv­ing America into economic decline while they prosper at the expense of the rest of us.

The Alliance survives because they are protected by the Incumbent Politicians of both parties who be­tray the public interest for the mas­sive financial support re-election requires. They are the Incumbent Party — whose first goal is re­election.
This election is not just about changing Presidents. It is about changing the country. America's critical problems can only be col­lectively solved by the American people. Americans — each of us­ — must take back our democracy and act to change this country we love.

Where To Begin
1  A Family Bill of Rights
  • Every American has the right to a living wage.
  • Every American has the right to health care.
  • Every American has the right to decent shelter and to be free from hunger.
  • Every American has the right, indeed the responsibility, to ob­tain an education.
  • Every American has the right to be secure in their old age.

2  A New Patriotism

The new patriotism means individuals actively taking responsibility for themselves, their families, their communities and our country, not leaving it to the "professionals" who have betrayed them. This isn't conde­scendingly about "a thousand points of light". It's about millions of Americans hell-bent on taking back and advancing our country. It means compassion. It means citizens running for office, not just professional incumbents. It means creating the fu­ture, not submitting to it.

We don't need campaign finance reform as much as we need a revolution in our political process. I don't support government financing of campaigns. Why foot the bill for perpetual incumbents? I favor breaking the strangle-hold by limiting political terms to one extended term and out. Contributions should be limited to $100 as I have in this campaign. Re-election can no longer be the focus of our elected representatives. All broadcast media should be required to offer appropriate forums for discussion of issues by the candidates.

3  A New Age of Investment in America

We must invest in a national health insurance system covering all Americans. The best approach is a single payer system at truly controls costs. The emphasis must be wellness and prevention while permit­ting diverse healing practices.

The corrupt nightmare of our tax system must be ended by substituting a simple Federal flat tax of 13% on all personal income and an equal value added tax on business. This means totally abolishing the current personal in­come tax, the Social Security tax on employer and employee, excise taxes like the gasoline and telephone us­age taxes, estate and gift taxes and existing corporate taxes and deduc­tions.

This reform will stop the greedy special interests from regularly carving up the tax code for their personal benefit. Tax breaks will no longer be exchanged for campaign contributions at your expense. No more Washington deals.

The Federal government should play a larger role in education, par­ticularly bringing innovative tech­nology to the classroom, not just to the Pentagon. There ought to be a computer on every student's desk in America.
Strict national standards should be established and scholarships pro­vided, not just loans, for all qualified students.

Abolish the U.S. Department of Education. lt is massive bureaucratic waste. It educates no student. The savings should be returned to the states to improve classroom instruction.

The capital gains tax should be elimi­nated for long term investments in new companies. I support tax credits for re­search and development.

As President, I will reform the national economic priorities to invest more in America:

  • A 15 year investment program to cut by $100 billion a year money wasted on sheer inefficiency.
  • The development of high speed trains and an auto industry that makes cars the rest of the world wants—cars that don't pollute and are extremely fuel efficient.
  • A Roosevelt style Civil Conservation Corps that would provide significant opportunities for millions of Americans.

"This election is not just about changing Presidents. It is about changing the country."
—Governor Jerry Brown

The Real Jerry Brown
Jerry Brown served two successive terms as California's Governor ...

... terms marked by unprecedented econom­ic growth, the creation of 2.2 million new jobs despite two recessions, dramatic tax cuts and improved services. As Governor, Brown bal­anced seven consecutive budgets without raising taxes. He cut the income tax and the inheritance tax.

He signed hundreds of tough crime bills; mandatory prison sen­tences for selling heroin, for repeat offenses, for any crime of violence against the elderly or handicapped, and for using a gun in the commission of a crime.

Brown made California the number one state in the nation for worker safety. He greatly expanded child care and early child­hood education, and tightened graduation requirements in math and science. He fought all fee increases in the higher education system and doubled educational opportu­nity grants
The Brown Administration made Cali­fornia the world leader in use of alternative energy. Governor Brown made the nation's strongest commitment to environmental protection and adopted the strictest air pol­lution laws in the country. The Brown Administration banned toxic chemicals that the federal government still approved.

The Brown for President campaign takes no money from political action committees and limits all contributions to $100.

Governor Brown, 53, is a Yale Law School graduate.

Governor Brown's Record on the Economy

While Brown was Governor, even with two recessions, 2.2 million jobs were created in California — 1 out of every four new American jobs in California alone. That's almost as many jobs as have been created nationwide while George Bush has been President.

During the Brown Administration, California dropped from being the 4th highest tax state in the country to the 23rd, with a billion dollar tax cut and vetoes of nearly $2 billion in wasteful appropria­tions.

Governor Brown stopped every pay raise for himself and fought pay raises for others. Brown, with a legendary reputation for frugality, refused to live in the costly Governor's Mansion Ronald Reagan built because the upkeep and security wasted $500,000 a year in taxpayer dollars. He rented a small apartment at his own expense.

Brown established a California world trade office. California's international ex­ports doubled, accounting for nearly 15% of all U.S. exports, while California was only 9.5% of the national population.

The Brown Administration created the California Housing Finance Agency, pro­viding loans for moderate low income housing construction.

Believing the Adage ...

... that "character is formed in the world's torrent", when Jerry Brown left politics in 1983, he fully engaged him­self in the "world's torrent".

He volunteered for Mother Teresa's mission in Calcutta, working in the Home of the Dying. When he returned home, Brown helped Mother Teresa establish an AIDS hospice in San Francisco.

He went to Japan to study the culture and economy of our chief economic competitor. He met with world leaders and activists in China, Europe, Russia and Central America.

He traveled to the Middle East and lived in a small village in Mexico.

Will We Be the First?

"We must not be the first Americans to break our 200 year moral covenant to pass on to our children a better life than we enjoyed...

...Allowing the Alliance of Greed to pre­vail betrays our moral obligation to future generations and breaks faith with those who have gone before us — those who built for us a great and free nation — those who died to protect it.

We must always remember that we are but a small point on a long line of time God has allowed us to extend. Small as it may be, it is ours ... ours to fill with purpose and meaning, ours to make honorable and distinguished, ... and ours to defend in the court of history.
Our legacy must be that we kept the faith and preserved the Covenant."

- Former California Governor Edmund G. Brown

"My experience as Governor has taught me that vision becomes reality against any odds if there is public will. My experience with Mother Teresa taught me that if we do not see ourselves and God's handiwork in our fellow citizens — we do not really see at all. And if we do not act to save our country — then who will?"

Please join us.

Brown for President
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