1992 Democratic Presidential Primary

       Brown for President
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We the people...

Take Back America


A Vision...  ...For America
A plan to get the economy moving
 To revitalize our market economy, the stranglehold of greed must be broken, and every American must be protected by an Economic Bill of Rights guaranteeing a living wage, shelter, freedom from hunger, access to education, and health care to all Americans. In the long run, taking care of people pays us back.

We should start backlogged public works projects and establish a national service corps to train young people and get America back to work.

We are a wealthy nation, but our economy wears a ball and chain of waste and inefficiency. Improving our energy efficiency and environment puts people to work and saves enough money to pay them. We could save $300 Billion per year by bringing our energy efficiency up to European standards.

A Universal Health Care Plan
A Canadian-style single payer system would eliminate the costs added by waste and greed. Canadians pay $500 less per person per year on health care and are measurably healthier than we are.
A health care program must emphasize pre­vention and encourage alternative healing.

A 21st Century Education Plan
The purpose of education is not to pro­duce a new generation of robots to compete with the Japanese. Education should be broadly based in literature, art, music, and the sciences. We should fully fund programs which are proven to work – like Head Start and invest in accessible education as as unalienable right.

Strong Environmental Protection
Current energy policy depends on squandering resources, dependence on foreign oil, nuclear power, and wrecking the environment.
There is a tremendous efficiency possible that hasn't been exploited; there's a need for rapid transit, electric cars, solar, and wind power. The outcome would be greater national security.

Sensible and fair taxation.
Replace all federal taxes -- income, social security, and excise with a flat 13% tax on income and business value-added. This sys­tem is inherently simple and fair and will raise enough revenue to cover our existing budget including health care for all.

Fight the root causes of social problems.
Homelessness, addiction, crime -- are phenomena created by neglect. Available housing, a mental health system that really cares for people, providing jobs and income for those people increasingly left in the back­water -- these are the real solutions.
Private greed and corrupt power have launched a deadly assault on our common values.

Put the power of America's government back into the hands of the people.

Break the deadly alliance of wealth, power, and politics through political ethics rules, term limitations, and increased voter awareness, responsibility, and participation. Other candidates talk of change, but they can't change anything because they have been bought by the wealthy and powerful. This is the root of all political stagnation.

Sensible Defense
We now spend 5 percent of our GNP on defense. Japan and Europe spend less than 3 percent. If we simply spend as much as Europe, we could save over $100 billion per year.

Develop a coherent foreign policy
We currently have no consistent policy; our relations with other nations are influenced more by lobbies and economic interests than ethics and ideals.
For a president to travel to Japan with businessmen who have rewarded themselves for their own failures, to beg the Japanese not to sell cars to America is embarassing.

We are a world leader, and with that role come responsibilities. We are obligated to help stop arms sales, eliminate world hunger and disease, and work toward economic justice.

A Proven Record of Leadership
Two - term Governor of California
From 1974 - 1982, Jerry Brown gained the executive experience of leading the eighth largest economy in the World.

While Governor, Jerry Brown:
Fought for working people -- over two million jobs were created -- 25% of new jobs in the nation during that period.

Established the California Conservation Corps which trained and provided jobs for over 50,000 young people.

Cut taxes

Lived an example of honest government by refusing to live in the million dollar governor's mansion.

Improved labor laws and standards, promoted workplace safety and health.

Promoted key legislation banning discrimination based on age, gender or marital status

Made California a World leader in alternative energy, conservation, innovation, and environmental protection.

Enacted numerous consumer protection measures.

Made health care for all a priority by instituting programs aimed at prevention, community outreach, and cost containment.

Ten years of humanitarian and cultural work in Mexico and Asia.

Chairman of California State Democratic Party

America's Democracy in Peril

Politicians vote themselves $125,000 salaries while real people suffer.

The nation's business leaders and the entrenched leaders in government have figured out a way to reward their own failure.

Our economy and our Nation's well being have been looted by "special" interests who have found the ways to manipulate the government in their favor.

In the past decade, the income of the richest one percent of Americans has increased fifty percent, while the standard of living of the rest of us has declined.

We have lost the multi-party system -­there is now only one party: the incumbent party.

The incumbent party rarely serves the average citizen or the common good; it serves the wealthy and powerful who can contribute $1000 and up.

America has gone from the richest nation in the world a decade ago to the most deeply indebted nation today.

Our cities and generations of children are being destroyed by drugs and crime and hopelessness.

Drugs and crime have been used as an excuse to erode our basic constitutional and civil rights.

"Lock 'em up" is the battlecry.
The U.S. already has more people in jail than South Africa, and a higher percentage of our citizens are in prison than nearly any other country in the world.

The entrenched political establishment and their media allies believe that our country is on the right track.

Millions of dollars is spent each year by the wealthy and powerful to manipulate the public opinion.

Dear Friend:

Your government doesn't belong to you anymore. It has been taken over by a greedy elite who are profiting even as the country declines and people suffer. That is why half of us don't participate in our democracy.

200 years ago, our forbears sacrificed to create a nation of, by, and for the people, which in every generation insured that our children inherited a better America.

Today, I know that is no longer the case. That is why I am offering my candidacy so that you can participate in a way that will make a difference, and take back what is rightfully yours. Please join us!

-- Jerry Brown

We don't solicit millions of dollars from PACs and special interest groups.

We don't accept contributions of more than $100 from any individual

We rely on your help.

Help us take back our Democracy.

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